Forescout acquires Cysiv to deliver automated true threat response

Wael Mohamed, Chief Executive Officer at Forescout

Forescout Technologies, an automated cybersecurity firm, announced that it has completed its acquisition of Cysiv, a cybersecurity innovator that uses its cloud platform to improve detection and response for true threats. Forescout expands its ability to provide enhanced threat detection and response through automated cybersecurity across the digital terrain.

Forescout has become the source of truth for clients seeking actionable threat intelligence and automated cybersecurity to support their compliance and risk management objectives.

What does Cysiv bring to Forescout’s portfolio?

The Forescout Continuum Platform, supplemented with the cloud-native data analytics, threat detection and data science from Cysiv, will enable cybersecurity operations teams to reduce costly distractions so they can focus on the true threats impacting their operations.

Commenting on the acquisition, Wael Mohamed, CEO of Forescout said, “Security companies are guilty of adding one more agent, one more tool, when in reality, our customers don’t want more, they want less. Less agents, less noise, less applications to manage.”

“Forescout is in the unique position of helping our customers achieve this with closed-loop threat protection on unmanaged and managed assets. We now take our unparalleled, agentless visibility and automated cybersecurity and combine this with Cysiv’s threat analytics and detection capabilities to assist our customers to respond more quickly,” Mohammed said.

What does the deal mean for SOC teams?

The Forescout Continuum Platform’s unique visibility across IT, IoT, OT, and IoMT assets combined with Cysiv’s cloud-native behavior and threat analytics enables SOC teams to understand the data insights, and then close the loop using Forescout Continuum to automate their cybersecurity response. “Cysiv was born out of the desire to uncover the truth hidden in the mountains of data SOC teams face daily,” said Partha Panda, CEO, Cysiv.

“When we first began working with Forescout as our partner, we saw the potential of uniting Forescout’s high-fidelity data with our threat intelligence and AI-augmented threat analysis. We are creating a closed-loop threat protection solution truly unique in the industry.”

“The ability to prioritize potential cyberattack vectors is critical to improving the operational efficiency of security teams; resources who are generally overwhelmed by a large number of alerts generated by disparate systems. The use of AI helps improve the overall efficiency by reducing overall alert volumes by automatically identifying false positives, automating workflows to resolve minor issues and offer prioritization capabilities,” Panda concluded.