For Spurling Electrical, work’s a beach – Clipsal #SparkiesOfAus

For Spurling Electrical, work’s a beach - Clipsal #SparkiesOfAus
Greg Spurling with team members including his sons.

Striking a work-life balance might be a hot topic on lifestyle blogs and in office break rooms, but for the team at family-run Spurling Electrical it’s all in a day’s work. 

“Working with your sons everyday is a unique opportunity, so I encourage them to have a good time and enjoy their work,” says owner Greg Spurling. 

“Quite often the surfboards will end up in the back of the van, or you’ll turn up to a job and the wetsuits are hanging on the fence.” 

Greg is celebrating 20 years of Spurling Electrical, having started the business midway through his career to “take some control of his own destiny.”

That destiny, it turns out, is now shared with his two sons, Josh and Tom, who carry the company’s core values of integrity and reliability into each and every job. 

“Customers actually find it quite amusing to see the sons nipping down to the beach during breaks,” Greg explains. “That’s because they have confidence we’ll get the job done in a way that’s honest and fair.” 

Part of what drives that integrity and reliability is having equipment you can trust and for Spurling Electrical, there’s one brand that’s been there since the beginning.

“In our business, the sons have always used Clipsal ‘cos that’s always what we’ve had in the vehicles,” Greg explains. 

What makes Clipsal special?

Clipsal products help Spurling Electrical offer superior reliability, optimise energy use, and deliver a positive return on investment for customers. The best thing is it’s a partnership that works both ways.

The Club Clipsal membership program provides a forum for Australian sparkies to share industry knowledge and experience. Greg has been a proud member for 18 years.  

“I was on the advisory committee for my three-year term, so that gave me the opportunity to be involved and plan and organise functions for our Club members which I really enjoy,” he said.  

So what’s the plan for Spurling Electrical after Greg hangs up his working boots? “There’s no pressure on the boys to keep it going, but I’m happy to assist and allow them to transition into making the business continue,” he says.

“Something tells me we’ll continue using Clipsal to deliver for our customers for many years to come.”

Greg and Spurling Electric are featured as part of Clipsal’s #SparkiesOfAus content series, celebrating 100 years of Clipsal in Australia.