Flowfy brings streamlined payment and shipping services to Brandboom

Business to business payment and shipping service provider Flowfy has launched an exclusive partnership with Brandboom, a leading e-commerce platform and online marketplace.

Users of Brandboom’s platform can now take advantage of flowfy services such as flowSHIP.

Benefits of the Brandboom and Flowfy partnership

The partnership takes Brandboom to the next level of B2B management with a fully integrated, soup-to-nuts service for its users. FlowSHIP provides heavily discounted shipping rates and simple label printing, eliminating the need for a separate shipping label service.

Brandboom is highly regarded in the apparel and accessories market.

Timberland, Kendall & Kylie, Calvin Klein Underwear and Superdry use it to build line sheets, manage orders, inventory, and shipping, taking payment in the user friendly dashboard.

“More than 90% of Brandboom customers overwhelmingly appreciate using our user friendly platform,” said Mark Kwong, Brandboom’s Head of Business Development.

“Brandboom is seamless, thus focus on the brand and products rather than on the platform. Our user friendly browsing experience faclitates buyers to shop safely and effortlessly.”

Brandboom set to lead in disrupting fashion marketing

Additionally, Brandboom’s innovative marketplace service, Connect, uses artificial intelligence technology to match sellers with new buyers, and these matches continually improve.

Brandboom’s enviable success with brands, showrooms, and trade shows of all sizes has spurred a planned expansion into home goods, beauty products, and other verticals. 

Launched in 2021, the Flowfy B2B platform provides a wide variety of payments and small package shipping services for online B2B marketplaces through its proprietary app.

Flowfy is designed to complement and support wholesale showcases and transactions.

The Flowfy B2B platform is engineered to offer ease of navigation and function, making it the indispensable tool for both sides of the fashion industry’s wholesale and retail equation.