Fiverr moves into the advertising industry with Togetherr™ launch

Amir Guy, General Manager at Togetherr

Togetherr™, a platform for building creative teams and connecting them with leading global brands and agencies, launched. The platform, designed and built by Fiverr, and backed by industry-leading visionaries, uses proprietary technology, the Creative Genome, to construct award-winning teams, from an exclusive group of creative talent. These teams will be curated and matched to support brands and agencies on specific projects and campaigns.

What does Togetherr bring to the industry?

The advertising world has gone through massive changes in the last few decades. The emergence of new digital platforms, the fragmentation of media, the rise of tech giants, e-commerce, and science-based marketing, all dramatically influenced the relationships between brands and agencies. It has also now influenced the way creatives feel working for agencies which ultimately impacts the outcomes of marketing and advertising campaigns.

Clients, creatives and agencies are now looking for better ways of working. “Long before the pandemic, our industry was stuck in a rut, slowly choking the creative energy and ambition that once defined our industry,” commented Amir Guy, Togetherr’s General Manager.

“The agency-of-record (AOR) model, based on hefty retainers, bloated head-counts, overheads, and complex processes, is not meeting client needs. Clients need a lot more for less, and faster. Trying to meet these needs without changing our industry’s complex system resulted in broken spirits, lack of bravery, lack of excitement, and short-termism.”

“We lost our creative icons, our magicians, our storytellers. Creatives were driven out of our industry, and clients are now looking for them elsewhere. The last two years taught our clients that they can find creativity elsewhere, and produce campaigns better and faster.”

“With new and vital marketing channels impacting the industry, brands are re-thinking how to maximse creative output in the simplest way. Togetherr is a platform that aims to enable and accelerate new ways of working in the creative industry. When you allow yourself to look beyond the old system and challenge the way things have been done forever, you realise that talent can be found everywhere, on a global scale,” said Micha Kaufman, CEO of Fiverr.

“You also find that diversity, which is so essential for creativity, becomes truly possible when you go beyond old constructs. Leading brands today often build their own creative capabilities in-house, and they need easy ways to augment them with outside independent talent and micro agencies on a project-by-project basis,” Micha Kaufman further commented.

How is Togetherr revolutionising the industry?

Togetherr builds on Fiverr’s long-founded mission of revolutionising how the world works
together. This groundbreaking new platform puts talent and creativity at its core and uses
technology powered by a cutting-edge AI engine to help leading brands engage with and
manage teams of top-tier independent creatives to meet their project goals.

The Creative Genome™

Talent on Togetherr is vetted manually and through the Creative Genome’s powerful technology – ensuring clients have access to the best and brightest in the industry.

Creatives on the platform have won awards, worked on campaigns for some of the top brands such as Nike, Coca-Cola, HBO, Apple, and Netflix, as well as agencies, and have won accolades from their peers, clients, and colleagues alike. All of these data points are collected by the Creative Genome in order to assemble top-notch teams to ensure that brands work with the most optimised teams possible, something no agency in the world can offer.

For Brands

Togetherr is flipping the agency model on its head. Brands will no longer be bound by bureaucracy, agencies-of-record, and long RFP processes to bring campaigns to life.

With Togetherr, the platform obtains the brief from the client, and the powerful AI engine will build a team specifically curated for that particular project. They get access to world class talent at the click of a button – to enhance the capabilities of their in-house creative teams – a space we see a lot of brands building out – or to build an entire freelance creative team.

Who are the top visionaries steering the platform?

Togetherr has been built alongside an advisory board of industry-leading visionaries including
Per Pedersen, Mark Tutssel, Eva Santos Bouzos, Greg Hahn, Karin Onsager-Birch, Nellie Kim,
David Sable, Mariam Banikarim, Craig Brommers, Amy Fuller, Shelley Diamond and more.

“In my mind, size and scale are not the keys to success, but rather talent, perseverance, and
passion are the ultimate keys to unlocking creative success. I’ve worked with big agencies and small agencies and founded a boutique small agency that does things differently,” said Greg Hahn, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Mischief and Togetherr Advisor.

“There’s no right or wrong way to unlock creativity, however, by putting talent and ideas over profits, you remove the pressure and make way for bold and diverse ideas. This is what Togetherr is all about – using tech to unlock creativity and putting talent first. I am thrilled to have been a part of building this platform and am excited to tap its potential myself.”

The platform currently has over 1,100 creatives and ad industry leaders as well as 30 micro-independent agencies, and it is adding award-winning talent every day. Campaigns and projects start at an average price of $50,000 and go up from there.