Fiverr launches new data service, Vertical, giving businesses access to specialists in all data disciplines

Fiverr has announced the launch of its new vertical, dedicated to data services. 

Business owners will have access to skilled data professionals who freelance through Fiverr, providing access to in-demand skills on-tap for businesses of all sizes. 

Data analytics professionals will have access to customers in Australia and around the world, building a network of clients and applying their skills to business problems at a time when business operations are increasingly data-contingent. 

“The use of data and analytics is not limited to big companies with deep pockets. Global research shows that 2 in 3 small businesses are spending more than $10K a year on analytics. Investing in data helps companies of all sizes make more informed decisions, improve their operational efficiency, and ultimately increase their revenue.” said Fiverr CEO Micha Kaufmann.

The move comes as demand for data services from Australian businesses outpaces the supply of data analytics professionals. This data skills gap is costing Australian businesses AU$12.36 billion a year in lost productivity, according to Accenture research

The launch of the data services vertical will directly address this skills gap and help Australian business thrive in the data-driven economy.

“Small businesses need to be empowered to take advantage of the kind of data driven decisions big corporations have been mining for years. However 57% say they don’t have the right people to manage the process of implementing the solutions,” said Mr Kaufman

“By opening a vertical focused solely on data services, we are providing business buyers the ability to tap into talented data analysts, data scientists and more, on-demand.”

“These skilled freelancers can help businesses make data driven decisions to improve, enhance and ultimately grow. This dedicated vertical is enhancing Fiverr’s user experience to meet a growing demand for these types of services.”

The new vertical will feature six main categories and subcategories including:

  1. Data science
  2. Data analytics
  3. Data processing
  4. Data visualization
  5. Databases
  6. Data entry

Click here to view the variety of services available on the platform. 


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