Fitstop reaps benefits as Australian demand for gym and fitness has risen

With Aussies across the country now enjoying the freedom of heading back to the gym, demand for functional fitness has risen and the fitness brand Fitstop is reaping the benefits.

What is the market offering of Fitstop?

“People in Australia want to improve their health, lifestyles as well as their fitness in a convenient environment that offers the right atmosphere of motivation, support and flexibility. They want the tools and the programs to reconnect with their inner athlete and we are able to provide this,” Fitstop New South Wales and the ACT general manager, Eddie Edwards said.

“At Fitstop, we call it functional fitness and it is something that we are very passionate about. We enable and inspire everyday as well as ordinary athletes to push boundaries and unleash their true potential. Unlike other gyms and fitness environments, we aim to focus on creating fitness places where people can increase their overall health and wellness and achieve personal goals in a very supportive way through our high-calibre strength and conditioning training.”

“Sessions include the four core elements of functional fitness training: lift, perform, condition and sweat. Because of our approach to fitness, we’re enjoying huge interest in, and support for, our brand. We’ve created a wonderful community where people connect and feel inspired.”

Fitstop already has five functioning locations up and running in New South Wales, with a further prospected 15 of them to come by the end of 2023, and a target of 150 brand new locations in New South Wales as well as the nation’s capital within the next five to seven years.

“Fitstop is the home of functional fitness where you can expect a challenge. Our group training focuses on performance, progression and unleashing the inner athlete in everyone. We want to help people make progress in every session, so that they have confidence to enhance fitness.”

“Fitstop offers a comfortable and highly personalised service in a group environment, so we make sure that our members maximise each session based on their fitness level. Our innovative custom built Fitstop app enables our members to track and manage their entire fitness journey. Our members can book sessions, complete programming series, and access nutrition and performance benchmarking all through our app,” Eddie Edwards explained.

What is functional fitness according to Fitstop?

“Functional fitness exercises train your muscles to work together by simulating common movements you might do at home, at work, or during sports. While using both upper and lower body muscles, functional fitness also emphasises core stability.  The four elements, lift, perform, condition and sweat work in unison together to optimise outcomes,” Edwards said.

“Lift is a strength-based session using elements of progressive overload and functional strength. Expect compound lifts, isolation exercises, stability, and mobility to improve movement quality and overall muscle development. Perform is programmed to take athletic performance to the next level, through the inclusion of compound lifts, explosive movements, fast intervals and full-body burners, you will increase both anaerobic and aerobic capacity.”

“Condition is the ultimate cardiovascular and muscular endurance test. There is a variety of full-body conditioning, and high-intensity exercises to keep the heart rate high for an extended period of time. Our team-based Sweat program gives our members chance to get competitive.”

“You’ll work alongside your team and work towards a target and share the results. The competition is fierce, and the sense of achievement is the best reward. Sweat is a fitness fusion of the other three session types focused on key partner workouts and community as a whole.”

What can Australians expect at Fitstop?

“At Fitstop we believe that fitness should be available to all Australians, so the first session is free for everyone, no strings attached. Every year, this 50-minute experience sees thousands of people leaving feeling better for it, and before we know it, they are back for more of our activities. This approach is not only helping people to kickstart their health and wellness journey, but it’s also helping our brand to grow at an exponential rate,” Eddie Edwards said.

“We are already expanding quickly and looking for more people to come along on our growth journey with us as fitness entrepreneurs to launch new Fitstop gyms across NSW and the ACT.”

“I’ve been in the fitness industry for over ten years and have owned other fitness gym franchises in the past, even winning Franchisee of the Year. From being in the industry for so long and understanding fitness trends, I believe that as our understanding of fitness evolves, Fitstop is the next big thing. It truly is the next level in challenging people to be the best athlete they can be, and it’s very rewarding for me to be part of that journey that people take.”

“At Fitstop our focus is very much all about community.  That is why we now host Community Saturday events where we can give back to the community by inviting non-members to participate in a free workout to experience the Fitstop formula. For those wanting to give us a go, all you have to do is download our Fitstop app, select your nearest Fitstop location and book your preferred session time. We shall see you there,” Eddie Edwards further commented.


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