Prepping for camping outing: Just how fire safe is your sleeping bag?

Tony Clark, Chief Executive Officer of SEASONFORT

There is no doubt that Fire kills and injures. All campsites have fires. Twice nominated Australian of the Year, Tony Clark, says the sleeping bags in the Aussie market do not meet international fire safety standards. He’s launching an urgent call to action to parents, campers and outdoor enthusiasts to put fire safety first when it comes to sleeping bag choices.

That’s why he designed ThermalTrex® – a ‘Fire Retardant Polar Fleece’ – and used it to create Australia’s first fire retardant sleeping bag without any chemical treatments.

How effective are SEASONFORT products?

SEASONFORT was recognised gobally by Good Design Australia for the impeccable design of its lightweight and breathable, machine washable, wind resistant, Fire Retardant Sleeping Bag. It won a Green Award, which is Mr Clark’s eighth international product design award. 

Tony Clark, ThermalTrex® designer and Chief Executive Officer of SEASONFORT says he wanted to create a multi-functional, high quality sleeping bag for all kinds of people. “Everyone deserves military grade gear and the peace of mind that they are safe,” he said.

“When was the last time anyone checked the fire safety of their sleeping bags? Chances are, nobody has ever given it a moment’s thought – but they should. In case of fire – choosing the right equipment in an outdoor setting can actually be the difference between life and death.”

“If our tech can save one life, all of our hard work will be worth it. Parents should think about your children’s safety when buying a sleeping bag for the adventure or school camp,” he said.

SEASONFORT has a social conscience by funding emergency relief projects for Backpack Bed for Homeless, a national charity which provides Backpack Beds and fire retardant sleeping bags to people who have no shelter and are forced to sleep on the streets.

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