FINEOS and Empathy partner to offer support to life insurance beneficiaries

FINEOS Corporation, the global provider of software-as-a-service (SaaS) enterprise claims software for the life, accident, and health industry, and Empathy, a platform helping families navigate the emotional and logistical challenges of a loved one’s passing, have a partnership to extend life insurance carriers’ offerings to families dealing with loss.

What does the partnership mean for policyholders?

It’s estimated that families spend an average of 13 months after a loved one’s death completing necessary tasks on top of the emotional struggles. While payouts provided by life insurers are instrumental in softening the financial blow, families are often in need of additional resources to navigate the administrative and psychological hurdles.

The partnership will equip life insurance carriers with the tech and services they need to provide the support their clients deserve. FINEOS and Empathy offer unique solutions for insurers to better support their beneficiaries. Life insurers can rapidly deliver on the financial protection promised using the automation and personalization of FINEOS Claims.

In this partnership, the no-code configuration capabilities of FINEOS Claims allow Empathy to be integrated into intake call scripts, process flows, and self-service portals to help grieving families wind down a loved one’s affairs with full administrative assistance for tasks like funeral planning, navigating probate, and closing accounts, as well as emotional support like on-demand grief counseling and guidance for returning to work.

What does this mean for FINEOS and Empathy?

Michael Kelly, Chief Executive Officer and founder at FINEOS

“This partnership simply makes sense, since Empathy helps deliver on our goal of elevating the claims experience. Together, our companies will raise awareness of the combined benefits we bring to life insurers and help benefit the customers they serve during some of life’s most difficult times,” commented FINEOS Chief Executive Officer Michael Kelly.

“I am delighted to partner with FINEOS to further our core mission of helping grieving families deal with the logistical and emotional challenges of loss. Modern life insurance carriers understand that customers seek comfort, stability, and peace of mind in addition to their policies,” commented Ron Gura, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Empathy.

“FINEOS is at the forefront of harnessing the latest innovations to benefit life insurance policyholders, including using tech to streamline once-cumbersome processes like claims and onboarding. We look forward to seeing how this partnership helps serve a vital need for the life insurance industry: alleviating the administrative burden of losing a loved one.”