Crypto trading app Finblox unveils AI-powered financial consultant FinGPT

Left to Right: Peter Hoang and Dmitry Paunin, Founders of Finblox
Left to Right: Peter Hoang and Dmitry Paunin, Founders of Finblox

Finblox, a crypto trading app backed by Dragonfly and Sequoia, has launched FinGPT, an AI-powered financial consultant. The tool enables users to optimize portfolios with AI algorithms, delivering personalized recommendations and a robust solution within the Finblox ecosystem.

What is the market offering of FinGPT?

With a strong focus on enhancing financial decision-making and education, FinGPT utilizes cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze financial data and provide valuable insights that can be challenging for humans to identify. This empowers users to make informed decisions, improve risk management, and enhance their overall financial literacy.

FBX, the native token of Finblox, powers FinGPT. Token holders can utilize FBX to access exclusive FinGPT features, burn tokens for processing power, and stake tokens to earn rewards. The sale of FBX on renowned launchpads like PoolZ, Decubate, and Trustpad generated significant demand, leading to a rapid sell-out of the initial offerings.

The public sale of FBX concluded on May 17 through FinLaunch, the world’s first mobile-first web3 launchpad integrated into the Finblox platform, available on both iOS and Android.

What does FinGPT mean for the crypto space?

Commenting on the solution, Peter Hoang, Chief Executive Officer of Finblox, said, “Our mission is to empower users with the knowledge and tools to take control of their financial future. We are dedicated to making financial literacy and inclusion accessible to everyone. With its user-friendly interface and personalized recommendations, FinGPT represents a significant step towards creating a more inclusive and engaging financial ecosystem.”

As Finblox continues to revolutionize the industry, the launch of FinGPT and the public sale of FBX exemplify the company’s commitment to empowering users and shaping the future of finance. By combining advanced AI technology, blockchain infrastructure, and a dedication to financial inclusivity, Finblox is at the forefront of driving positive change in the financial space.

The firm was founded by Peter Hoang and Dmitriy Paunin. Hoang brings extensive expertise in finance and entrepreneurship, previously co-founding Gotrade– a zero-commission stock-trading app backed by Y Combinator. While Paunin has served as the CTO at, a Philippines-based cryptocurrency exchange that has amassed over 16 million users.

Finblox raised a seed round from top funds like Sequoia Capital, Dragonfly, Coinfund, Cypher Capital, Cogitent Ventures, Athena Ventures, Saison Capital, and OrangeDAO, etc.