Female watchmaker launches meticulously designed mechanical watches with Nordic minimalism

Female watchmaker launches meticulously designed mechanical watches
Susan Galvin, Founder, Galvin Watch Company

The first female-founded micro watch company in Australia seeks its first round of funding through the Kickstarter platform to offer meticulously designed, vintage-style automatic watches with a Nordic twist, at an affordable price.

The Kickstarter campaign begins on 1 August 2020, aimed at bringing the Galvin Watch Company’s first models to Australian watch enthusiasts at a price of $649 later this year – with significant discounts for early bird orders. 

After graduating from the Finnish School of Watchmaking and a decade-long career in the United Kingdom and Australia, Susan Galvin brings well-needed female energy to a male-dominated industry.

In fact, no female-founded Australian micro brand watch company currently exists down under and Susan is determined to change this. 

With women disproportionately impacted by job losses from coronavirus according ABS, Susan’s redundancy during maternity leave and the pandemic made her part of this worrying trend.

But she chose to take matters into her own hands and finally kick start a professional dream that had lingered in her mind for years.

Female watchmaker launches meticulously designed mechanical watches
Susan Galvin at work

Vintage style melting into Nordic minimalism

Although the new ‘Alku’ collection by Galvin Watch Company is a classic style, the design is inspired by the 1940s and 50s. This includes a domed dial with either a white or black background, combined with electric blue or silver hands.

The collection includes four strap options: the straps come in either in smooth leather or suede with two methods for fastening. 

Female watchmaker launches meticulously designed mechanical watches

Timeless design

Ten years working with the world’s top watch companies in Finland, the UK and Australia has given Susan the knowledge and expertise to understand the fine detail of well-designed mechanical watches.

“After working with all types of watch brands and machinery, I know what looks beautiful and how to combine the design and machinery to last the test of time,” Susan notes. 

It is the timelessness of the mechanical watch that continues to intrigue Susan, ”As a well-made mechanical watch can last near forever, the design must feel timeless too.” 

Following a thorough review process, Susan chose the Japanese premium 9039 caliber Miyota movement to power the watch due to its durability and precision, which the Japanese automatic wristwatch movement company has perfected over the years.

“Many call the Miyota calibre a ‘workhorse’ of the watch world. From my experience, many high-end movements might boomerang back for further fixes fairly quickly, whereas you can always trust in the stability of the Miyota calibre,” Susan says. 

Why mechanical watches?

An automatic, or mechanical, watch is powered by the natural motion of its owner and hence, requires no manual winding or internal battery. If worn every day, the owner will not have to wind the watch by hand to keep it ticking away. 

Mechanical watches are generally more expensive than battery-powered alternatives, as they require a more labour-intensive process to create. They also represent decades of innovation, and craftsmanship within the watchmaking industry. 

However, Susan has meticulously refined her designs and worked with various manufacturers to offer a high-quality collection for Australian watch enthusiasts who appreciate quality and style, yet choose not to splurge on a statement timepiece costing a fortune. 

A watchmaker’s promise

Galvin Watch Company is offering a two-year international warranty on all Alku watches. As a professional watchmaker, Susan will personally regulate every single watch in the Alku collection and conduct quality control tests before they are sent out to their new owners. 

While she has full confidence in the durability of the Miyota’s premium Calibre 9039 and can attest for its reliability and endurance, she will implement all warranty fixes for the Alku watches if needed. 

The Kickstarter campaign launches on the evening of Saturday, 1 August 2020 with superb deals up for grabs for early bird orders.

Early bird discounts:

  • Super super early bird: $299 AUD (limit 50 units) -54% future retail price
  • Super early bird: $399 AUD (limit 50 units) -49% future retail price
  • Early bird Alku watch black or white: $499 AUD (limit 100 units) -24% future retail price 
  • Alku watch with two straps no limitation: $549 AUD -17% future retail price
  • Two Alku watches: $849 AUD or $424.50 per unit (limit 100 units) -34.6% future retail price

Alku, only the beginning

Founding the watch company is not the only new challenge Susan has recently taken on – she has started her business while raising her first-born Atso.

The determined new mother aims for Galvin Watch Company to offer her a flexible way of earning a living and fulfil her career goals while being a mother.

Susan notes micro band watch companies are on the rise and consumers are increasingly interested in small, unique designs beyond the big global brands ruling the watchmaking world.

Hence, the launch of Galvin Watch Company is only the beginning for the ambitious watch entrepreneur. 

After Susan brings her first line of watches to Australia, she plans to build a long-term business with an online store and more designs to follow. She is also in conversations with multiple retailers seeking to stock Galvin Watch Company watches in stores.