Vaping tech firm FEELM launches the first ceramic coil disposable solution

Johnny Zhang, Assistant President at FEELM
Johnny Zhang, Assistant President at FEELM

FEELM launched its new innovative disposable vape solution FEELM Max, at the Vaper Expo UK 2023 in Birmingham on May 13. As one of the world-leading vaping technology providers and flagship brand of atomization tech company SMOORE, FEELM unveiled the advanced FEELM Max solution which boasts three major breakthroughs: the advanced heating technology of the Ceramic Coil S1, a constant power control system and mindful design.

What makes FEELM Max a ground-breaking solution?

With the first products featuring the FEELM Max solution about to launch in the United Kingdom and EU markets, the launch was attended by many top level representatives from many client companies including BAT, RELX International, Totally Wicked, and KIWI.

Setting New 800-Puff Benchmark for 2 ML E-Liquid

The coil tech journey began with first-generation cotton wick coils, progressed to second-generation cotton mesh coil, and has now developed into the era of third-generation ceramic coil technology with the FEELM Max being the latest manifestation of this industry innovation.

Designed to deliver a superior vaping experience, the FEELM Ceramic Coil S1 brings cutting-edge coil technology that offers an increased puff count, setting a new benchmark in the market. Benefitting from its cotton-free design and the resulting improvement of e-liquid utilization, the FEELM Max is able to boost puff count by more than 30% compared to cotton coil disposable solutions, providing 800 more puffs and setting a new benchmark for 2ml.

This allows products using the FEELM Ceramic Coil S1 to offer increased puff counts while remaining compliant with all local regulations. Also, the new S1 coil reduces impurities from the heating process by 78%, resulting in fresher breath and no unpleasant aftertaste. This is a huge stride towards ensuring a clean and silky vaping experience for consumers.

Electronic and Design Breakthroughs

Another critical highlight of the FEELM Max solution is that it uses a constant power energy management system for stable vaping and over 95% vapor consistency. This technology improves taste consistency by 35%, which further enhances the user experience.

FEELM Max products showcase a transparent e-liquid tank for both aesthetics and user convenience. No longer will vapers have to guess how much e-liquid is left in their device because one quick look will let them know. The CMF Lab refines this design through specialized research and has developed a scientific ergonomic model for the vaping industry.

First Industrial End-To-End Whole-Chain Recycling Scheme

FEELM has also launched the first industrial whole-chain recycling scheme, collaborating with RELX International in the UK. Conscious of the potential harm of vapes ending up in landfills, FEELM has taken the responsibility for implementing a scheme that will facilitate vape recycling to a fuller extent, thereby minimising the environmental impact.

The company’s commitment to making recycling more accessible shows its dedication to sustainability. As the initiative gains traction, it could serve as a model for other industries looking to implement eco-friendly practices and engage adult clients in sustainability efforts.

Shaping a Sustainable and Compliant Future with Partners

FEELM’s success is not solely due to its innovative technology and the relentless pursuit of excellence, but also the strong collaboration it has forged with clients and industry partners.

What do industry partners think of FEELM Max?

Bing Du, the CEO and founder of RELX International stated at the event: “Thanks to the groundbreaking tech of FEELM Max, and driven by our legendary partnership with FEELM, RELX International is on course to revolutionize the vaping experience across the globe.”

Liam Cagliarini, UK CEO of KIWI Vapor, the Italian brand, stated: “We aim to collaborate with FEELM on latest technology, and provide a consistency vaping experience for consumers.”

Commenting on FEELM’s solution, Marcus Saxton, Chief Executive Officer of Totally Wicked, top British brand, said: “FEELM’s innovative technology has enhanced the consumer experience. As a partner of FEELM, Totally Wicked shares the responsibility of promoting sustainability in the atomization industry through active participation in the recycling system.”

FEELM will continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in vaping tech, while keeping its commitment to sustainability and compliance at the heart of its operations. The company’s mission to shape a better vaping industry, not only for today but for generations to come.