FedEx and Starshipit to empower SMEs to reach more global clients

Peter Langley, Vice President of FedEx Express Australasia

FedEx Express (FedEx) Australia Pty Ltd and FedEx Express (FedEx) New Zealand are subsidiaries of FedEx Corp., one of the world’s largest express transportation companies, announced a collaboration with Starshipit, a renowned shipping and fulfilment platform.

What does the partnership mean for SMEs?

This collaboration supports SMEs and allows e-tailers to tap into the global e-commerce market. Merchants integrating FedEx and Starshipit will enjoy enhanced shipping and fulfilment automation, with access to a premium delivery experience for their customers.

Starshipit customers will be able to generate FedEx shipping labels and use additional features, like Express Shipping Services and International Shipping Documentation Service, without leaving the Starshipit platform. This simple and easy-to-use integration of FedEx and Starshipit accounts enable e-tailers easy automated access to process orders. E-commerce in Australia and New Zealand is expected to annually grow at 5% and 6% respectively.

The latest e-commerce trend report by FedEx, also indicates that Aussie SMEs are maturing in their use of e-commerce and agree that the pandemic-driven utilisation of e-commerce is here to stay. Eight in ten SMEs believe that e-commerce will become more important in their business over the next three years, with nine in ten believing they are well positioned to capitalise on this growth. 77% agree that e-commerce will become even more important.

What were the executives’ thoughts on the partnership?

“Our integration with FedEx makes streamlining shipping and fulfilment easy for eCommerce retailers. Using Starshipit and FedEx empowers retailers to save time with automation and deliver great shipping experiences,” said Hakan Steele, Partner Manager at Starshipit.

“Our recent research shows that e-tailers are increasingly looking for digital solutions which strengthen their delivery capabilities and allow them to grow their exports by tapping more international clients,” said Peter Langley, Senior Vice President of FedEx Express’ Australasia.

“Our collaboration with Starshipit is yet another example of how we are strengthening our capabilities to help SMEs and e-commerce businesses in Australia and New Zealand.”

FedEx is committed to supporting businesses seize growth opportunities brought about by the e-commerce boom. To enhance its cross-border e-commerce capabilities, FedEx® International Connect Plus (FICP), launched last year, was recently expanded to benefit e-tailers across fourteen markets in AMEA. This value-for-money international shipping solution delivers most shipments between one to three business days within AMEA.