Bundesliga giants FC Bayern sign SAP Emarsys to score business goals

SAP Emarsys announced its latest client: FC Bayern. As one of the most successful football clubs, FC Bayern understands the importance of their fans in creating a dynamic business. Fans are the lifeblood of FC Bayern – driving the team to play at their best. Whether fans are watching from the Allianz Arena or from the other side of the world, FC Bayern wants to them the best possible experiences – which is why the club has appointed SAP Emarsys.  

Why has FC Bayern signed SAP Emarsys?

The iconic club has partnered with the omnichannel customer engagement platform to provide a “one-fan experience” that engages and rewards supporters around the world. 

This enables FC Bayern to centralise and analyse client data, providing a better understanding of each fan as a unique individual and delivering personalised content across every touchpoint – from online and physical stores to club memberships, stadiums, apps, and magazines – allowing FC Bayern to improve fan experiences and reach them in real-time, no matter where they are, meaning fans will be able to engage with the club in a way like never before.  

By on-boarding the innovative SAP Emarsys platform, FC Bayern will not only better engage with its existing, engaged fanbase – but the global footballing giant will unlock new potential fans. Through the partnership, SAP Emarsys enables and empowers FC Bayern’s marketing team to increase fan engagement with connected data and technology – allowing them to centralise and interrogate customer data to develop a complete view of each unique fan.

Expanding the outreach available through incumbent solution, the bespoke communications and marketing strategies that FC Bayern develops through SAP Emarsys is set to drive fan engagement and experience across all channels and retail touchpoints in 2023 and beyond.

SAP Emarsys connects directly to SAP S/4HANA, connecting back end to front end to make a seamless experience for marketers and fans. SAP has been the official business software solutions partner of FC Bayern since 2014. SAP supports the club in a wide range of activities in various areas, for example in the migration and optimisation of business processes. 

What does this mean for FC Bayern’s fanbase?

“The fans are at the heart of FC Bayern. We have an existing fanbase of more than 63 million around the globe and there are more than 1 billion people interested in FC Bayern – so we must strive to develop an understanding of every fan in the FC Bayern family and engage with them in a meaningful, personal way,” commented Michael Fichtner, CIO at FC Bayern.

“Every investment needs to build a closer relationship with fans – and the most crucial thing we can give our team to succeed is a solution that enables them to deliver the experience fans expect. A big-game player like SAP Emarsys allows us to break the deadlock of data silos and establish a more centralised, integrated approach to our outreach infrastructure.”

Michael Fichtner, Chief Information Officer at FC Bayern
Michael Fichtner, Chief Information Officer at FC Bayern

“Now, whether we want to reach our fans via email, app, SMS or in stadium we can easily do so, with a personalised, human message. With a seamless onboarding process nearing its end, we are incredibly happy with our SAP Emarsys partnership as we look to bring the global FC Bayern family even closer together,” Michael Fichtner further commented.

Sara Richter, Chief Marketing Officer for SAP Emarsys commented “Fans truly love their sports team, and a football club has a unique opportunity when it comes to driving loyalty.”

“In a sport notorious for its unpredictability and the speed at which circumstances can change, it is essential to optimize engagement by knowing how a fan will behave on or around match days and beyond. Whether they win or lose, FC Bayern must be given the power to engage with its fans at the perfect time. And now they can,” Sara further added.

“Our partnership is a natural fit, with SAP Emarsys providing the tools and perspective to prove that FC Bayern understands each fan individually. An incentivised purchase trigger when a fan’s favorite player has scored, for instance, could be the decisive moment for a sale.” 

To find out more, please visit Emarsys.com and SAP.com.