Aussie courier comparison startup Fast Courier accepts cryptocurrency

Vincent Maneno, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Fast Courier

Emerging player in the Australian courier comparison space, Fast Courier, has announced that it is now accepting cryptocurrency as payment for courier services in Australia, the first courier comparison site in the country to offer digital currency as a payment option.

Vincent Maneno, Fast Courier’s Co-Founder and CEO offered additional insights.

“We launched Fast Courier after being disillusioned with the courier industry, which is old-school and geared to bigger businesses, where the more services you book, the less you pay.”

“With Fast Courier we aim to democratise the courier industry, so that individuals and small businesses that send a handful of packages can still access the best possible rates.”

Fast Courier disrupting the status quo

Stephen Murphy, the Co-Founder and CTO of Fast Courier also offered his views.

“The courier industry in Australia is absolutely ripe for disruption; consumers want respect, accountability and freedom of choice, which Fast Courier’s cutting edge tech delivers.”

“Adding crypto to our payment options helps to level the playing field for consumers.”

Australia has the third highest cryptocurrency ownership rate in the world, with 17.8% of Australian adults holding some type of cryptocurrency, compared to the global average of 11.4%  (Finder Cryptocurrency Adoption Index October 2021).”

Fast Courier in compliance with consumer wants

With the recently released report from the Australia as a Technology and Financial Centre (ATFC) further legitimising crypto as a valid currency, Fast Courier believes in enabling payment for courier services via cryptocurrency to make the industry more customer-centric.

“Adding cryptocurrency to our existing payment options was a very conscious decision.”

“Crypto isn’t just an asset class but functional currencies, decentralised and empowering for clients and businesses as a viable alternative to central banks,” said Murphy.

Fast Courier has averaged 100% monthly growth and initially started as a test project for Maneno and Murphy, who also run a successful digital marketing agency, Metric Labs.

The company has successfully served more than 43,000 customers in the last six months alone and with business booming, the pair have global expansion in their sights.

“Obviously the pandemic has had an enormous impact on e-commerce all over the world, which has resulted in increased demand for couriers,” explained Maneno.

“It’s like the Wild West with courier companies charging whatever they like, with little transparency for clients. Fast Courier utilises market-leading technology to compare courier quotes from multiple providers and delivers the best quote back to the customer instantly.”

“Our customers are saving up to 30% on their deliveries in just a few seconds with a quick comparison check on Fast Courier. As we’re booking large numbers of deliveries we can access bulk discounts, which we then pass on to our customers.”

Alongside crypto currencies for example Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin and USD Coin, Fast Courier is also accepting payments through Paypal, Stripe and credit card.

Fast Courier partners with Australia’s biggest couriers like Aramex, Auspost, TNT, Couriers Please, FedEx, StarTrack, DHL, Toll and Allied Express, offering nationwide coverage.