Why and how we should all be using air quality monitors as Omicron rages

As the Omicron variant of the Covid-19 virus ravages its way through Australia equipping yourself with a carbon dioxide monitor is an essential device for added health security.

A carbon dioxide monitor is a small device that measures air quality. It has become an incredibly important tool during this COVID era that we’re living in.

The virus can spread through the air as people who are infected with the virus could potentially spread it in an area through aerosol droplets while talking, laughing and breathing.

These aerosol particles are so small that you can’t see them.

And if they build up in an area, particularly indoors, and in a place that’s crowded and there is poor ventilation, the longer you’re in that environment and exposing yourself to it, the higher the chance of you breathing it in and getting infected.

What is a carbon dioxide monitor

A carbon dioxide monitor is a handheld device that detects the level of carbon dioxide.

We breathe out carbon dioxide, which, like those aerosol droplets, builds up in a space, unless it is well ventilated. CO2 is easier to measure than aerosols or viral particles. 

A carbon dioxide monitor is useful to have with you, as it measures the level of carbon dioxide in a place. The level of carbon dioxide can gauge your risk exposure to COVID.  

Important tool to carry around

In our 3rd year of the pandemic, we’ve moved from lockdowns to living with the virus.

This scenario means that in addition to wearing a mask and sanitising, we need to arm ourselves with additional tools to help keep us safe around others. Even when wearing a mask, if it is not properly fitted, compromised air can make its way into our body.

Carrying around a monitor for example the ABUS AirSecure CO2 carbon dioxide detector and alarm is a good idea. It can be used anywhere indoors to check air quality.

It is small enough to fit into a handbag and the battery will be able to last the whole day.

Where can it be used

A carbon dioxide monitor is ideal to use in any indoor environment. It can be used at a restaurant, café, movie theatre, shopping centre, stores, or gym – anywhere that is enclosed.

By holding the monitor in your hand or placing it on the table, it is able to provide a reading on the carbon dioxide levels which gives you a good idea of how ventilated the place is.

By checking the carbon dioxide levels, you are then able to make an informed choice about whether to continue on in that area, or to leave or ask for changes to be made, for example having a door or window opened in order to improve the indoor air quality

Ideal tool for home and businesses

As an ideal tool for consumers to use at home and on the go, it’s ideal for businesses to use as well. Simply place it in an unobstructed section of the room that will get airflow.

The device can also be plugged in for continual monitoring.   

One of the popular models, the ABUS AirSecure carbon dioxide monitor, reliably warns you of increased levels of carbon dioxide, temperature and indoor humidity levels.

The sensor has a service life of ten years. It comes with a large organic light emitting diode (OLED) displace, and LED indicator and has an integrated acoustic alarm.

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