Experian is prioritising diversity and inclusion during the global pandemic

Experian has been deploying some initiatives in the Diversity and inclusion space.

Diversity and inclusion is an essential strategic focus within our model. We recognize the role that it plays in building the organisation’s culture that helps us attract and retain top talent.

Diversity and inclusion helps in ensuring that we draw on diversity in perspectives, skills and experience so as to improve our business performance and outcomes for our customers.

When COVID-19 hit, we felt an even greater strategic imperative to prioritize Diversity and Inclusion as an essential differentiator to maintaining a connection with our employees.

That was most important for the several parents working in our team juggling work and childcare in a lock down environment in an attempt to meet both responsibilities equitably.

In response, we have expanded the number of existing programs so as to include more initiatives that are targeted at providing support and connectedness through the pandemic.

That called for a region wide registration of working parents and ramping up efforts for our Women in Experian Network to offer mentoring sessions, book clubs and self defense classes.

We have also engaged a specialist partner to conduct a global Diversity and Inclusion audit, making a series of policy recommendations that we have since introduced at a regional level.

As a result, we continue to receive positive feedback from employees on our D&I initiatives and workers have continued to yield very strong results in terms of engagement and retention.

Experian’s key diversity initiatives

Parents at work

Experian wanted to give its employees the tools and support that are necessary to help in facilitating a balance between working and parenting, particularly with children at home.

Superheroes league

A league of 6 leader sponsors, four market champions, 5 Human Resource partners, and 34 members, established to champion the strength of diversity within the APAC region.

Women in Experian network

Created to support female employees personally and professionally. Key initiatives have included guest speaker sessions, mentoring sessions, book clubs, and self defense classes.

Women in Leadership DiveIn (WILD) 

This is a program within the Asia Pacific region that is specifically designed so as to facilitate the development of women leaders and provide opportunities for career acceleration.

The latest cohort, which completed the program through the pandemic, ended with an 88% retention rate and 71% of graduates feeling they had been helped to develop in their roles. 

Experian leverages supporting data

In a recent pulse survey of July 2021, 92% of respondents across the Asia Pacific region felt Experian was committed to building a diverse and inclusive culture.

In another recent pulse survey conducted on September 2021, 80% of respondents across the Asia Pacific region felt able to bring their whole selves to work.

In 2020, the company hosted its first Pride celebration in the Asia Pacific region and as part of the celebration there were two stand-out sessions on the agenda.

We hosted a session on the importance of diversity and inclusion. The celebration was attended by over 600 employees and received an Net Promoter Score of 86%.

Hosted a panel discussion on bringing your whole self to work, which was attended by over 380 employees and received a Net Promoter Score of 98%.  

Karine Smyth is the Emerging Propositions Director for Australia and New Zealand at Experian. Her passion is to work with great people to help them grow their business rapidly.