Experian hailed by KuppingerCole’s report for its role in mitigating fraud

Alex Lintner, Chief Executive Officer of Experian Software Solutions
Alex Lintner, Chief Executive Officer of Experian Software Solutions

Experian announced that it was named an Overall Leader, Innovation Leader, Product Leader and Market Leader in KuppingerCole’s 2023 Fraud Reduction Intelligence Platform (FRIP) Leadership Compass report for its CrossCore® integrated digital identity and fraud platform. The report highlights the critical role that FRIPs play in mitigating the diverse types of fraud and provides valuable, comparative information for businesses looking to mitigate fraud risks.

What does the recognition mean for Experian?

“We are honored to receive this recognition for the second consecutive time, and it validates the innovation and leadership in fraud prevention we bring to our global customers every day,” commented Alex Lintner, Chief Executive Officer, Experian Software Solutions.

“Especially rewarding was receiving the highest possible ratings for CrossCore’s enhanced security, ease of deployment and operation, and useability,” Alex Lintner further added.

CrossCore helps clients protect their firms from fraud and ensure regulatory compliance, using real-time risk analytics and decision-making strategies. The cloud-based, scalable platform offers best-in-class capabilities by augmenting Experian’s identity and fraud offerings with a highly curated ecosystem of partners that mitigate risk across the consumer journey and power the best fraud risk assessment with a 360-degree view of consumer identity.

Why was Experian recognized by KuppingerCole?

The report cites several factors in CrossCore’s rating as an Overall Leader among FRIPs, including comprehensive identity proofing capabilities, with remote document verification; being ideally positioned to detect account opening (AO) fraud; an easily configurable policy and decisioning engine; and massive scalability with data centers across six continents.

“Experian ranks as an Overall, Product, Innovation, and Market Leader in the 2023 edition of the Leadership Compass on Fraud Reduction Intelligence Platforms,” commented John Tolbert, Director of Cybersecurity Research and Lead Analyst at KuppingerCole.

“Their solutions feature identity verification, device intelligence, user behavioral analysis, behavioral biometrics, and bot detection. Experian has extensive support for AML, KYC, OFAC, PEP, and sanctions screening for compliance across many jurisdictions. Experian also has a wide-ranging partner network that can bring in additional identity and transactional data for evaluation. Their solutions are globally distributed and highly scalable,” John further added.

KuppingerCole is a global industry analyst organization that specifically specializes in identity and access management, governance, fraud, risk and cybersecurity. The Fraud Reduction Intelligence Platform Leadership Compass report provides an overview and comparison of relevant vendors in defined fraud segments across product, innovation and market.