Expensify to open its first premium lounge in San Francisco on April 24th

David Barrett, Founder and Chief Execuitive Officer at Expensify
David Barrett, Founder and Chief Execuitive Officer at Expensify

Expensify, a payments app that helps individuals and businesses globally simplify the way they manage money, has transformed its San Francisco office into a premium lounge open to all its Expensify members and all their guests with an anticipated opening on Monday, April 24th.

What is the value offering of the new Expensify lounge?

The Expensify Lounge includes exclusive perks such as lightning-fast wifi, private meeting rooms, snacks, and a full selection of craft coffee, tea, and high-end specialty cocktails as well as other beverages. The entire experience — from ordering a drink to recommending a hotel or booking a flight — is handled through Expensify’s in-house, chat-based Concierge service.

The lounge is located at 88 Kearny Street in downtown San Francisco and features sweeping views of the city from an array of relaxing vantage points. In addition to usual daily operations, the Expensify lounge will host speakers’ series, concerts, and other exclusive member events.

What were the Expensify executive remarks?

“For over a decade, we’ve traveled overseas as a team for a month a year. And wherever we go, we always seek out the same ideal work environment: a hip cafe with great coffee, strong cocktails, and cool strangers,” David Barrett, founder and Chief Execuitive Officer of Expensify.

“But coming back to our office was always such a buzzkill so we decided to do something about it. We renovated it to an unreasonably nice degree and added a high-end Tokyo-style espresso/cocktail bar, on the 16th floor of the Financial District. Currently, we are sharing it with our customers, to work alongside us, as we try our best to live rich, have fun, and save the world. If you’ve gotta work somewhere, you might as well do it some place awesome.”

What do some Expensify members have to say?

“Techstars has enjoyed partnering with Expensify to host events for our portfolio companies and community. We’ve been able to bring together hundreds of portfolio founders, mentors, and investors at the lounge and the feedback across the board has been great. Recently, we used the lounge as our home base for Japanese founders from our Techstars and JETRO Founder Catalyst program,” Kevin Liu, Head of Investments & Portfolio Capital at Techstars.

“I love working out at the Expensify Lounge in San Francisco. It is central and convenient, and the team is super helpful. It’s a great place to hold meetings or a quick stop-by in between meetings within the city,” says Morgan Berman, Vice President of Partnerships at Techstars.


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