Expensify releases enhanced insights and custom reporting functionality to enable users to manage their spend

David Barrett, founder and CEO at Expensify
David Barrett, founder and CEO at Expensify

Expensify, Inc., the financial management super app for expenses and corporate cards, has released an enhanced insights and custom reporting functionality, built with expert input from top accounting leaders. The feature allows any Expensify member to monitor all aspects of company spend across categories like employees, projects, departments, and subsidiaries.

What do the new features mean for platform users?

Expensify introduced a Custom Reports feature, where admins can take a consultative approach and build reports they need to analyze, and summarize their companies’ spend.

“Running an efficient business means being able to see the numbers you need to see, when you need to see them,” said David Barrett, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Expensify.

“We’ve made it easier than ever to build a custom report on any metric you can imagine so that analysis of critical company data is just a click away. Even better, our Account Managers are standing by to help with everything from basic questions to best practices. It’s all part of ensuring Expensify helps you and your team make more informed business decisions, faster.”

The Insights and Custom Reporting features are now available for all current Expensify customers. Click here to learn more about them, or simply sign in to get started today.