ExaGrid named a finalist several times for the 2022 Storage Awards

Bill Andrews, President and Chief Executive Officer of ExaGrid

ExaGrid®, a Tiered Backup Storage solution, announced that it has been nominated in 11 categories for the 19th annual Storage Awards. ExaGrid is a finalist in these categories:

  • Capacity Storage Vendor of the Year
  • Channel Partner Program of the Year
  • Data Protection Company of the Year
  • Enterprise Backup Hardware Vendor of the Year
  • Hybrid Storage Vendor of the Year
  • Immutable Storage Vendors
  • Ransomware Protection Company of the Year
  • Storage Company of the Year
  • Storage Innovators of the Year
  • Storage Performance Optimisation Company of the Year
  • Storage Product of the Year

When will the winners be announced?

Voting to determine the winners is underway and closes on May 30, 2022. Winners will be announced at “The Storries XIX” awards ceremony held in London on June 9, 2022.

“We are honored to be nominated in so many categories amongst other industry leaders. We are pleased that our Tiered Backup Storage architecture with Retention Time-Lock for Ransomware Recovery (RTL) feature has placed ExaGrid in new categories for this year’s Storage Awards,” said Bill Andrews, President and Chief Executive Officer of ExaGrid.

“Our RTL feature allows organizations to recover from a ransomware attack.”

Why is ExaGrid getting all the attention?

ExaGrid provides Tiered Backup Storage with a front-end disk-cache Landing Zone, the Performance Tier, which writes data directly to disk for the fastest backups, and restores directly from disk for the fastest restores and VM boots.

The long-term retention data is tiered to a deduplicated data repository, the Retention Tier, to reduce the amount of retention storage and resulting cost. This two-tiered approach provides the fastest backup and restore performance with lowest cost storage efficiency.

In addition, ExaGrid provides a scale-out architecture where appliances are simply added as data grows. Each appliance includes processor, memory and network ports, so as data grows, all resources required are available to maintain a fixed-length backup window.

This scale-out storage approach eliminates expensive forklift upgrades, and allows for mixing appliances of different sizes and models in the same scale-out system, which eliminates product obsolescence while protecting IT investments up front and over time.