Evrima appoints Alex Cook as Head of Marketing and Communications

Alex Cook, Head of Marketing and Communications at Evrima Technologies
Alex Cook, Head of Marketing and Communications at Evrima Technologies

Clinical trials are the backbone of the healthcare industry, and despite the fact that there are currently over 450,000 active clinical trials taking place across the globe, a significant number of individuals remain unaware of their existence and purpose. To further the agenda at Evrima, the company has named Alex Cook its Head of Marketing and Communications.

What does Alex bring to Evrima in the role?

Alex Cook, Head of Marketing and Communications at Evrima Technologies was recently appointed to bring a more consumer approach to clinical trial recruitment. “I believe in taking a more consumer-centric approach to clinical trials by humanising the data and leveraging it to enhance the customer experience. It’s important to understand what resonates with people and target them in a respectful and dignified manner,” Alex Cook commented.

“In addition, I’m committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in all our marketing efforts and spreading awareness that everyday people can be successful participants in clinical trials.”

Alex is has a wealth of experience in healthcare marketing. He has held significant positions at renowned companies within the industry, including Swordfish Health Pty Ltd and Commune Digital Pty Ltd. Alex’s expertise extends across various aspects of healthcare marketing, including market research, brand positioning, digital marketing, and campaign management.

His comprehensive knowledge and strategic approach make him a valuable asset in developing and executing successful marketing strategies in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, and especially at Evrima. Alex is not only committed to changing the way Australian’s perceive clinical trials, however to also nurture talent within his team.

“My primary objective is to nurture and develop talent within my team and promoting a culture of learning and growth. By fostering flexibility and creating an environment that encourages innovation and creativity, I aim to empower my team to take ownership of their work and develop their skills to the fullest. My goal is to cultivate a team that is so inspired and driven that they aspire to take my position within the next two years,” Alex said.

What does the appointment mean for Evrima?

Charlotte Bradshaw, Chief Executive Officer at Evrima Technologies
Charlotte Bradshaw, Chief Executive Officer at Evrima Technologies

Evrima Technologies’ goal is to revolutionise the clinical research industry by improving access, awareness, and participation, thereby having a global impact on clinical trial timelines and advancing medical research at an accelerated pace. To achieve Evrima’s business goals and objectives, CEO, Charlotte Bradshaw recognised the need for a Head of Marketing and Communications role to help bring these goals to life and drive effective facilitation.

“As part of our growth strategy we needed to double down on a tactical marketing strategy. We operate in a complex ecosystem that encompasses many audience segments and we’re evolving quickly as a company with new products. The decision to bring an experienced marketing leader to drive the create and drive the marketing strategy acknowledging the clinical trial environment in which we operate was an important one,” Bradshaw commented.

Since February 2021, Evrima has grown its products in leaps, achieving the following:

  • The team has grown 43.5%
  • Have landed contracts with leading bio-pharmaceutical clients, who have also been repeat customers
  • Ranked #29 by AFR in 2022 Fast 100 Starters
  • Ranked #9 in Deloitte’s Tech Fast 50 Australia 2021: Female Leadership award
  • Ranked #8 in Deloitte’s Tech Fast 50 Australia 2021: Rising Star award