Evolve Communities offers training to ally indigenous people online

Evolve co-directors Carla Rogers and Aunty Munya Andrews

Evolve Communities has launched an online program that will enable people to become accredited Allies, Reconciliation and Allyship Training Assistants and even Facilitators.

Evolve co-directors Aunty Munya Andrews and Carla Rogers said the program was designed to empower people to communicate effectively with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

“From HR specialists who don’t feel equipped to communicate with indigenous people, to those working in health services who need more education, individuals and the community benefit from more education and training in this area,” said Aunty Munya Andrews.

“We are hoping that all companies, organisations and the government will come on board this initiative to make sure everyone is better prepared to bridge the gap.”

“We’ve seen over the past months how poor community outreach can have devastating results, with the outbreaks of COVID-19 in Aboriginal communities,” said Carla Rogers.

“This training looks to address this problem, even while we remain in lockdown in many cities across the world. For many, it may well lead to a rewarding new career.”

There are three levels of training

Ally accreditation 

The program is for all people wishing to demonstrate their confidence and competence to work effectively alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people and communities.

At the end of this comprehensive online program you will have demonstrated your understanding of each of the Seven Steps™ and how they are applied.

Assistant accreditation 

After completing the ally accreditation and the seven steps with Evolve’s application, you may want to also pursue this online program in a professional capacity.

This training will assist Evolve’s Accredited Facilitators in delivering Evolve’s Cultural Awareness, Reconciliation and Allyship workshops while working for Evolve as a subcontractor.

Facilitator accreditation 

Of those who have completed the Assistant Accreditation, some may be invited to take on this training in order to lead Evolve’s Cultural Awareness, Reconciliation and Allyship workshops.

“One of the things we’re passionate about at Evolve is enabling indigenous and non-Indigenous people to work together, which is reflected in the way we run programs,” said Carla Rogers.

“We ensure that everyone who undertakes the programs is supporting our ability to offer scholarships to Indigenous people seeking employment as Evolve Assistants and Facilitators.”

“We want to create opportunities for the Indigenous community to participate in this work.”