Evolt 360 beefs up data security following Medibank cyber attack

Kelly Weideman, Chief Innovation Officer at Evolt

Evolt 360, the health monitoring technology company that is home to the world’s most sophisticated body scanner, has successfully completed its ISO/IEC 27001 certification as part of its ongoing commitment to meeting the highest global information security standards.

What measures has Evolt 360 taken to safeguard data?

In the wake of recent high profile cyber attacks, the health-tech organisation has undertaken extensive auditing and documentation of processes to ensure best practices are followed to prevent, detect and repair any threats to data security. Evolt uses medically graded machines with bioimpedance tech to track up to 40 sensitive data points on a body composition.

With over a million registered users, and significant enterprise customers including Anytime Fitness, HCF, global mining companies and networks of allied health professionals, the world class standards achieved through ISO/IEC 27001 certification ensure Evolt is designing and implementing appropriate information security management systems for its sensitive data.  

The audit activities included verifying the effectiveness of the companys’ hardware, software, networks and physical facilities, testing processes and controls in place to manage incidents and ensuring staff are adequately vetted and trained on delivering services securely. 

What were the executive’s thoughts on the initiative?

In announcing the new status, Kelly Weideman, Chief Innovation Officer of Evolt said: “As recent high profile cyber incidents have shown, all firms are susceptible to data breaches.”

“Evolt clients can feel assured that we have taken every opportunity to stress test our systems, processes and staff to ensure all data we process stays secure. Independently certified under the ISO 27001 standard, a benchmark for information security management, we’ve embedded the best possible data security practices into our everyday operations.”

The certification is another step in the firm’s rapid growth, having posted double revenue in FY22 and getting a $12m raise from Regal, Washington Soul Pattinson and Smarter Capital.