Evacovation app radically disrupting the emergency response sector

Born in Australia, the fully self-funded start up, investing more than half decade into design, development and testing, is now available to download on iPhone and Android.

The innovative mobile app is the first to take Australia’s emergency response management sector ahead of the world by launching the industry’s first mobile app, Evacovation.

With a robust online portal, the Evacovation’s app has cracked the code resolving multiple challenges in the emergency response sector which has been vetted by industry experts.

Evacovation app is becoming a necessity

In 2020, climate related disasters accounted for 389 recorded events resulting in 15,080 deaths, 98.4 million people affected, and economic losses of at least AU$221.12 billion.

The Australian bush fires in 2019 destroyed more than 3000 homes and more than one billion mammals, birds and reptiles perished. Every year, thousands of people die in emergencies related to fire, medical emergencies, active shooting and climatic disasters.

Evacovation instantly connects the emergency respondents into a seamless communication system to follow the emergency response protocols as per the Australian Standards.

It gives autonomous control to the Chief Warden for managing any emergency, rapidly making decisions based on real time information and connecting external departments as well.

According to the Founder and CEO, Evacovation, Rashid Khan, “the emergency response sector desperately needed a holistic solution which can replace the typical radio handsets and empowers everyone responsible for managing an emergency through modern technology.”

Evacovation serves the entire spectrum from preparedness, response, recovery, mitigation and prevention through its robust early warning inter-communication system.

The platform is backed up with a portal which communicates real time with the mobile app and also generates a variety of post emergency analytics.

The beauty and ingenuity of the Evacovation app exponentially multiplies with its pre-embedded emergency response management processes tackling six different types of emergencies– an experience no other app can deliver.    

“My experience in the emergency response management sector, showed that the process of evacuating people from a multi-storey building can turn into a havoc of communication.”

“Lives are lost when there’s no real time information of the situation inside the emergency site. Evacovation resolves the problem and this is a real breakthrough,” added Rashid Khan.

Evacovation is a game changer in risk assessment

Andrew Stark, Chief Risk Officer at Evacovation says, “This industry has been left to stagnate and exist without introducing technological advances that has arrived with the modern age.” 

“Evacovation embraces cutting edge technology with the experience and know-how of industry experts to produce a system that allows industry to address the safety and welfare of their most important assets – their people!”

“The app has a feature to automatically appoint the initiator of an emergency as a floor warden instead of waiting or searching for the floor warden making it more efficient.”

“Furthermore, if someone is not present, the app has the ability to detect through Geo-fencing and appoint the replacement in real time.”

According to Bruce Beasley, Evacovation’s Advisory Board Member and Chief Compliance Officer, “The main challenge that I see is industries’ lack of initiative to invest and embrace technology as a means of improving the safety, welfare and wellbeing of their people.”

“Majority of the companies, business owners and households are less proactive when it comes to compliance due to cost. Evacovation addresses this challenge by providing a one stop solution with a value driven approach through its nominal annual subscription fee.”

“The automation offered by Evacovation significantly reduces the cost of an average company and increase its preparedness as well as compliance by multi fold,” he added.

Shafaat Hashmi, Chief Growth Officer Evacovation says, “Our driving force is our mission to save lives. We have developed a solution which is a must have for any government, corporation, residential or commercial dwellings.”

“We have successfully tested our app in different environments and it is now ready to be adopted at a national and international level.”

“We aim to evacuate the old mindset, bringing our industry to the assembly point where we embrace technology and continuously innovate as a leading company in the emergency response sector. We are here to save lives, be it anywhere in the world,” added Shafaat.  

Evacovation has been a true labour of love for founder, Rashid Khan, who has worked on the app for more than six years, off the back of his senior roles in risk projects and security for the National Australia Bank.

He concluded by saying, “ I have dedicated my life to Evacovation and we already have more in the pipeline to empower our solution with machine learning and artificial intelligence.”