etrainu and ASTN create content for new Aussie sportstech entrepreneurs

Australian Sports Technologies Network (ASTN), the industry body for sports technology and innovation, has partnered with etrainu to offer three key ASTN pre-accelerator eLearning modules to Australia’s new sportstech entrepreneurs – allowing them to tap into a rich ecosystem of top industry backed and endorsed content, from anywhere at any time.

etrainu are one of the world leaders in the eLearning industry, dedicated to making a real impact on a community level, through the power of education. Founded in 2007, etrainu has grown to over two million learners benefitting from hundreds of industry tailored courses.

What does the program mean for the industry?

ASTN’s pre-accelerator program supports start-up entrepreneurs to validate their on or off-field sports and technology business idea against competitors, vendors and venture capitals (VCs) or simply gain an introduction to innovation processes within sportstech.

Australian Sports Technologies Network launched the ‘Business of Sport’ Pre-Accelerator Program in 2021 to meet widespread interest from applicants who applied for ASTN’s well-established accelerator but who were deemed ‘too early’. The ASTN program has been the first and only sportstech industry-specific program in Australia and in the APAC region.

The new eLearning modules will be available to sports entrepreneurs including researchers, athletes, sports industry managers, practitioners and administrators from national and state sporting organisations or corporates who prefer self-paced learning. The modules will include learning content, videos including interactive knowledge questions and multiple-choice reviews and will be available to past-program participants wanting to refresh their knowledge.

Through the etrainu platform, Australian Sports Technologies Network learners can consume content anywhere, at any time, and on any device. Through a sophisticated learning management system and engaging online courses, etrainu is changing the way we learn.

Until now, the ASTN Pre-Accelerator has have been offered as a 10-week program over 20 sessions. ASTN recognises that on-demand content will give more people access to the programs, without any time or location constraints – giving participants the opportunity to access these programs in their own time and the ability to revisit valuable information.

What does the program mean for ASTN and etrainu?

“Participants will be able to start their innovation journey by tapping into a rich ecosystem of world-class content, mentors, and industry connections. Our programs have proved to save entrepreneurs time, reduce effort and build new pathways. And we’re looking forward to giving more people access to these programs through digital training, to further support and build Australia’s $3.1bn sportstech industry,” commented Dr Martin Schlegel, Chair, ASTN.

Dr Martin Schlegel,Executive chair at ASTN
Dr Martin Schlegel, Executive Chair at ASTN

“At ASTN we are always looking to innovate, engage and connect with entrepreneurs that have a passion for sports technology and innovation. Our new eLearning modules for our pre-accelerator programs will enable us to tap into a new pool of talent that can’t commit to a 10-week program, and we’re looking forward to seeing what opportunities that will bring.”

“We’re excited to work closely with Australian Sports Technologies Network to deliver on-demand training for pre-accelerator participants, and we are proud to give move people access to a program that is so highly regarded in the industry. This will be a world first for the sportstech industry and we look forward to seeing a new wave of talent and innovation come out of this partnership,” said Cam O’Riordan, Vice President Sales & Revenue, etrainu.

The ASTN pre-accelerator on-demand e-learning modules will be available in FY24, and will cover three modules including, Cluster of Innovation, Research to Innovation and Promoting, Leading and Financing. More information will be posted on the ASTN etrainu Education page.