Espresso Communications joins the Space Communications Alliance

Corrie McLeod, Chief Executive Officer and founder of Espresso Communications

Espresso Communications, a communications consultancy with expertise across the tech and innovation ecosystem, announced its membership of the Space Communications Alliance (SCA), the first marketing communications network dedicated to the space sector.

Why did Espresso Communications join SCA?

Launched in 2022, the SCA’s mission is to connect space innovators with clients and partners worldwide through its integrated network of experienced strategic, public relations, content marketing and social media consultants, delivering campaigns that give tangible results.

Corrie McLeod, CEO and founder of Espresso Communications, said, “The cosmos has always been a realm of possibility and ambition, and today’s space industry is vibrant, entrepreneurial and rich in innovation. With the space sector becoming central to national defence and security, climate change and connectivity, it is an area ripe with opportunity.”

“Areas including positioning, navigation, earth observation and communications technologies are advancing and becoming more critical to global economies and industries. We are excited to collaborate with SCA’s global network, map together our collective intelligence about space technology and innovation, and support the continued growth of the sector,” McLeod said.

What does Espresso Communications bring to SCA?

Lukasz Wilczynski, President of SCA

Lukasz Wilczynski, President of SCA, added, “As the first global PR and communications network for the space sector, we are privileged to welcome Espresso Communications among members of the SCA. Their long-time experience and unique competencies strongly reinforce our mission to deliver the best quality of services to space companies worldwide.”

Espresso Communications joins the interdisciplinary SCA agency network to help space tech firms that have – or want to have – a presence in Australia to tell their stories and deliver applications and benefits to the nascent domestic space industry. Space is one of fastest growing areas of innovation in the world, with the Australian federal government seeking to triple the size of the local space industry and create 20,000 new jobs in the sector by 2030.

Espresso Communications is also pleased to welcome Australian autonomous robot and AI systems developer, ANT61 to its client roster in 2023. ANT61 aims to reduce risk and empower sustainable development in space through its next-generation robotic technology.