ESCA now bringing together diners for splendid consumer experience

Jorge Farah and Ibrahim Moubadder, Co-founders, ESCA Group

ESCA offers dining experiences, blurring culinary boundaries for an elevated sensory affair.

Restaurateurs Ibrahim Moubadder and Jorge Farah have announced a successful and official merger of all existing establishments so that they can now sit under a single roof.

They are building on their already impressive industry credentials and creating a force of food experiences that will ultimately be recognised by consumers as the unique work of ESCA.

The official launch of ESCA cements the unity of this pioneering restaurant group. Across the group, every mouthful and moment is fine tuned to perfection.

Each venue is unique in its own right while harnessing the same artful ability to combine culinary traditions and a passion for produce, within beautifully designed spaces.

ESCA Group’s illustrious expertise in food chain business

With unparalleled food offerings and inimitable chef talent spanning all venues, Nour, Lilymu, Henrietta, Cuckoo Callay, The Lobbyist and Be Kind make up the current ESCA portfolio.

Nestled within the Sydney MLC Centre’s revamped restaurant precinct at 25 Martin Place.

2022 will see an additional three new venues come to life, including the highly anticipated launch of Aalia, a refined exploration of culinary techniques and food pairings from the Middle East and North Africa, headed up by Executive Chef Paul Farag.

ESCA Co-Founder Jorge Farah said, Hospitality has grown thick skin through the pandemic. Sure it has a chink in its armour, but it always manages to come back stronger

ESCA will be a powerhouse restaurant group to watch from here on out.

Expansion was never a question. Now presented as a united front, unveiling ‘ESCA’ is only the beginning of the team’s drive to dominate Sydney’s hospitality scene in a refreshing way.

Every venue under our growing umbrella will now withhold a strong synergy throughout – distinctly appearing as owned by ESCA; humble yet innovative.”

We’ve created a pillar of dining experience, in five year’s time, having acquired an additional 600-700 staff, 2-3 new concepts launched each year, and our high performing Henrietta and Lilymu venues making their way down to Melbourne’s unmatched cultural F&B scene.

Moubadder, Farah, and their passionate team possess a bold vision to continually birth multiple concepts each year, moving forward, with interstate expansion not off the cards.

ESCA’s Co-Founder, Ibrahim Moubadder also offered his views on this development. I aspire for ESCA to be one of the most respected hospitality groups in Australia.”

We want to create venues that are unique, memorable, and exciting, we want to help all our staff to grow professionally throughout and achieve their dreams alongside ours.”

What is ESCA Group all about?

ESCA invites you on a journey of unexpected discovery that imaginatively blurs culinary boundaries and elevates sensations and experiences.

Every mouthful and moment is fine-tuned to perfection.

Fueled by the desire to redefine modern Australian dining through the artful combination of culinary traditions, passion for produce and beautifully designed spaces.

At the forefront is Ibby Moubadder and Jorge Farah, leading figures in Australia’s hospitality industry. Together they have built solid foundations for the expanding ESCA portfolio.

Ibby’s approach to culinary experiences, alongside Jorge’s pivotal role in architecture and interior design has resulted in standout venues, synonymous with the esca brand.