ePac Flexible Packaging unveils its $10m Australian manufacturing plant

Jason Brown, Managing Director, Australia at ePac Flexible Packaging

ePac Flexible Packaging (ePac) celebrated the grand opening of its first Aussie manufacturing facility in Melbourne’s industrial district, Coburg North. The $10m investment is projected to create 40 jobs and up to 160 jobs by 2026, offering a boost to the Australian economy.

Why is Australia’s ePac facility a necessity?

As an industry leader in digital print tech, ePac delivers fast, cost-effective, flexible packaging to local businesses, earning them a spot next to big brands on supermarket shelves.

With the recent addition of a second pouch production line, ePac’s facility is equipped to respond to the demand of Aussie start-ups looking to scale up their offerings, which has been accelerated by global supply chain issues and a rallying call for the support local movement.

Jason Brown, ePac Flexible Packaging Managing Director, Australia commented, “In recent years, Australians have increased their support for small businesses in their community.”

“ePac’s first Australian manufacturing site comes at an opportune time, providing small business owners who are looking to scale up with a fast, cost-effective and sustainable offering to meet their packaging needs. ePac is proud to play a role in revitalising the local community by supporting small businesses whilst also creating new jobs,” Brown said.

How vital is ePac’s facility in reducing carbon footprint?

ePac’s first Aussie manufacturing site incorporates an order-to-demand model, revolutionising flexible packaging for local business owners, avoiding the hassle of sunken costs associated with inventory and obsolescence, while circumventing pressures on global supply chains.

ePac offers brands a range of sustainable packaging product lines, helping brands to exceed their sustainability goals in not just their packaging selection, but in their business model.

The “Order-to-Demand” model and low minimums that ship in 10-15 business days, can help businesses reduce obsolescence which decreases the amount of waste that enters recycling streams, landfills, and the environment. ePac plans to further its mission of reducing carbon footprint and waste by establishing a line of compostable packaging by the end of the year.