Envirosuite and Airservices sign noise monitoring contract extension

Jason Cooper, Chief Executive Officer at Envirosuite

Environmental tech firm Envirosuite Limited, has announced a five year extension of its existing agreement with Airservices Australia, a major client and contractor of the company.

Airservices facilitates safe and efficient management of 11% of the global airspace and the provision of aviation rescue fire-fighting services at Australia’s busiest airports.

Airservices’ purview covers more than 51.7m sqkm with some of the busiest airline routes.

Envirosuite maintains airport environmental solutions

Under this agreement, Envirosuite will continue to provide noise monitoring services under EVS Aviation’s product line for airport environmental management solutions.

The parties have also agreed to work together to develop and agree the terms of a new agreement to apply for the extended term to reflect the current commercial services being provided by Envirosuite, which will replace the current agreement signed in 2008.

The advanced software information that Envirosuite captures provides Airservices with independent data on aircraft noise events, as well as background and community noise being captured through leveraging Envirosuite’s network of noise monitors.

Envirosuite delighted to keep working with Airservices

Jason Cooper, the CEO of Envirosuite noted the significance of this renewal to the business, given Airservices Australia’s position as Envirosuite’s largest customer by revenue source.

“Airservices is our best client and we are pleased to continue our relationship with them.”

“We are encouraged by this renewal agreement and the resurgence that we are seeing globally in the aviation industry which bodes well for this part of our business.”

“We look forward to continuing to work with and support Airservices into the future.”

For the purposes of Guidance Note 8 of the ASX Listing Rules, the company confirms that there are no other material provisions of the contract to be disclosed, nor any material conditions to be satisfied prior to the parties being legally bound to proceed with the contract.