Pandemic inspires successful Gold-Coast entrepreneur to pen best-seller

Nina Concepcion, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at The Institute of Conscious Sales

It took successful Gold-Coast based entrepreneur, Nina Concepcion, 11yrs working as the “Conscious Sales Coach” before Covid encouraged her to finally put the book on paper that has been in her head for so long. “Like most, I was stuck at home, thinking about pivoting & virtual ways to broaden my business, but this was when it occurred to me to finally write: The Naked You: A guide to embracing your imperfections in life & in business,” she said.

What is ‘Naked You’ about?

“The book is about our perceived vulnerabilities and imperfections are actually our hidden strengths, instead of weaknesses or something to hide. I find this to be true. Not just in my own life, but also working with and researching thousands of other people who are living truly happy, successful, meaningful and fulfilling lives,” Nina Concepcion said.

According to Nina, she came into contact with Global Publishing Group through a friend. Global Publishing Group is a publishing organization that began turning entrepreneurs into an overnight success 15 years ago. After her book launch in September at Cali Beach Club on the Gold Coast, Nina is excited about the possibilities the published book will bring her way.

“I think the biggest benefit of having a published business book is my credibility, how clients view my expertise and my ability to charge a lot for my services,” Nina said.

How did the Global Publishing Group help?

Andrew Carter Chief Executive Officer of Global Publishing Group, said “many entrepreneurs would have taken the opportunity of mandatory lockdown during Covid to consider, or even write, their own business book. What Global Publishing Group does is to assist an entrepreneur at any part of the book writing journey and create their very own book.”

This is the purpose of our event – to show them it can be done. In fact, we are going to select one lucky participant at the upcoming “How to Write a Best-seller” event and do exactly that, for free! Around 50 entrepreneurs from around Australia will be attending across the 3 Day event, from 21 – 23  October, and will learn from leading industry experts exactly how a book can become their own personal brand, and create a business empire.

According to Mr Carter, in the past, publishing a best-selling book has been unachievable for most entrepreneurs; without the right industry contacts, understanding the difference between the various publishing houses and how to navigate the whole process. Now, Global Publishing Group has have helped thousands of authors and published hundreds and hundreds of their books creating the highest number of Best Sellers as a result.

We have the insider knowledge, the proven systems, the contacts and the distribution to make that happen. We are renowned for working with entrepreneurs who want to generate more sales, more business & more opportunities and helping them create the best tool to achieve their potential. Mr Carter said, “another purpose of the event is to showcase a genuine avenue for entrepreneurs who want to become thought leaders, experts & industry spokes people.”

“Business owners and entrepreneurs spend a lot of time and money with business coaches and marketing consultants working on complicated strategies that can take months to implement and then even longer to start to see results, trying to create personal brands for themselves, but myself and my team will show attendees that there is another, easier, way,” he said.