Learning can be fun: How to engage students through interactive games

Teacher helping children piecing jigsaw puzzle

It is vital to ignite the desire to study in students’ hearts. Otherwise, even the best teaching and learning methodologies are doomed to fail. The engagement of learners in the educational process is of the most significant and likewise complicated tasks of teachers.

Teens are very different, and there will hardly be one universal method that will suit them all. Thus, one is supposed to apply a system of such methods. One of them is the implementation of interactive games for students.

There are many kinds of games for high school students, as well as for college and university folks. Which one is better? A lot depends on the group of students. Therefore, an educator should try various options to identify the most effective ones. Otherwise, some learners may face student burnout and lose any interest in education.

Fun classroom games keep youngsters motivated and engaged. Besides, they let them develop various skills via games automatically. We want to help educators who struggle. Our informative review highlights several good options that may suit your students.


This is one of the best interactive classroom games. It is a game-based learning platform. Teachers have the possibility to create quizzes and other interactive activities that can be played by students in real-time. Commonly, this one is used to learn:

  • Language,
  • Arts,
  • Social studies, etc.

Learners can practice active vocabulary and other concepts with fun.

Minecraft: Education Edition

We guess everyone has heard at least something about Minecraft. This game is of huge popularity and is played by millions of children of various ages. Yet, it’s not only something for fun and entertainment. It’s also one of the most efficient games for college students and schoolers to learn a lot of subjects. You only need to find an Education Edition. Afterward, you can help your students master the following:

  • Math,
  • Science,
  • And history.

This game offers a wide spectrum of features that were specifically designed for classroom use. Teachers will find helpful tools and even lesson plans.


This is an online platform that offers interactive math activities and games. This one is catchy and helpful. It develops math concepts, such as subtraction, multiplication, and others. It’s perfect for math learners.


This is another online platform providing captivating activities and games. It is focused on technical and computing abilities. One can master even the basics of programming. It suits the beginner level.


Scrabble is surely one of the most famous games for students, and many of them play it for fun at home. Thus, you can successfully implement it in the class. It helps to master spelling and vocabulary. It can be applied even to adult learners. It was created for people who have problems with spelling. Its engaging interface and activities will attract anyone.


Quizlet is one more “giant” among interactive games for college students and schoolers. It offers a wide spectrum of captivating and effective tools for learners of all ages. These are:

  • Flashcards,
  • Quizzes,
  • Matching games.

It is helpful for the expanse of memory and reviewing of the course materials. Moreover, the platform offers an option of creating study sets by students! Thus, youngsters can collaborate together and challenge each other. It’s a very beneficial practice.


This is another game about coding. This is a very captivating game teaching you a lot via interactive tools and tests. The challenges are full of fun, which makes learning run smoothly. Learners will meet various levels to steadily improve their coding abilities.


This is one of the most famous and widely used apps, which was designed to learn languages. One of the best advantages offered by the app is its flexibility. It suits all ages, and the activities adapt to the age category. You will be able to quickly master new vocabulary and improve your grammar. There are many languages a user can master.


Scratch is another sought-after game that keeps teens motivated and engaged in learning. It’s a block-based programming language. The game helps to boost creativity in learners as it allows the creation of their own stories, games, and even animations. This methodology helps teens realize how to code and create.

The Stock Market Game

This one is a simulation. It offers funny ways to figure out how to invest and act in the stock market. Users are to buy and sell stocks at their risk. It’s a perfect game to implement dependable finance education.

A Good Recommendation for Students

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Wrapping Up

Various kinds of classroom games for students are typical for the US System of Education. It’s a wise step to implement them because all human beings easily learn via games. It’s a natural process that also kindles the desire to study. Use our suggestions to see which one can work for your students and your teaching methodologies.

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