EnergyLab and NEX deal to give Aussie climate startups exposure

Megan Fisher, Chief Executive Officer at EnergyLab

The Aussie climate startup ecosystem is receiving a boost following the announcement of a new international partnership between EnergyLab, which is ANZ’s largest climate tech startup accelerator, and New Energy Nexus (NEX), the world’s leading clean energy accelerator.

The partnership will connect Australian startups to customers, capital, and resources in overseas markets that are critical for climate action, such as the USA, Southeast Asia, and India. It will also provide a pathway for overseas innovators to enter Australia, increasing the synergy of ideas and bringing more talent as Australia’s clean energy transition accelerates.

What are the executives’ thoughts on the partnership?

Megan Fisher, CEO at EnergyLab, said: “We are so excited to announce our deal with New Energy Nexus. This collaboration will help us to create a systematic approach to supporting Aussie entrepreneurs who want to explore and expand their startups internationally. We are also beyond proud to share with the community the amazing startups that have played a role in building one of the most highly penetrated residential solar markets in the world.”

Danny Kennedy, CEO at New Energy Nexus, said: “We can’t wait to watch the magic happen as all these entrepreneurs are set loose on the US, Southeast Asian and Indian markets. The experience and creativity evident in Aussie offerings can help these regions to accelerate the mass adoption of clean distributed energy, of which Australia is an under-recognised leader.”

“Politicians talked a lot about Australia being a clean energy superpower. These startups are doing it and New Energy Nexus is going to help EnergyLab take them to the world.”

What is Australia’s clean energy landscape like?

Australia is the third biggest exporter of fossil fuels in the world, but is also a clean energy innovation hub and a critical node in the global energy transition. It has the highest penetration of rooftop solar in “developed world” cities, has pioneering big batteries and renewable energy zones; a digitised electricity network, and a competitive electricity market.

The products and services coming up in the Aussie market will also have a wide range of applications overseas, from the refurbishment of America’s energy infrastructure, to energy end-use in emerging economies. Partnering with NEX, which operates across 11 countries, will give startups in EnergyLabs’ portfolio a reach unparalleled in Australia and the Pacific.

Over the last 12 months, EnergyLab and NEX have piloted the concept with Infravision, a startup that helps electric utilities accelerate power grid modernisation with drone enabled power line upgrades. Infravision had their eyes on the United States market and were introduced to NEX while completing an EnergyLab startup program in 2021.

NEX has since facilitated connections for Infravision to major investors and partners to support their entry into the North American transmission and distribution upgrade market.

Chris Cox, Co-Founder and Director of Infravision, said: “We have benefited from New Energy Nexus’ support, landing on an approved vendor list for a major North American utility and securing financing to help us enter the global market based on our Aussie track record.”