Fraud alert: Endorphina warns about the copycats falsifying its content

Endorphina warns of cases of using non-original content – copies of Endorphina slots, which were found on some sites. These sites still accept deposits and register new players. These games are not original, even though they look like Endorphina slots. They were released without the participation and permission of the developer and are also not part of their intellectual property.

Fortunately, original games can be seen in the Canadian Zodiac Casino Offer and other licensed gambling platforms. This content is only visually similar to actual games, so the company considers it its duty to warn about risks when using these slots:

  • Games are not launched from Endorphina servers.
  • RTP does not meet the original value of 96%.
  • Manipulations with risk games.
  • The payment table does not correspond to the original games.
  • They were not tested in laboratories.

An anonymous content creator does not bear any responsibility, the company warns.

If you notice suspicious content and are not sure of the originality of the slots, inform the company about this through the feedback channel on the official website, and the operator will conduct an internal check of this request.

Fake and Real Machines: How to Check the Slots in an Online Casino?

Special skills are not required to check the simulator’s originality; you just need to know what settings to match. Fraudsters often use someone else’s license for gambling or a certificate of conformity. They place the number of someone else’s support on the site and begin to work as a certified resource. You can check the authenticity of the license on the site of the organization that has issued it.

After checking the game resource, you can believe the honesty of the Internet casino and play slots there. But you can check the originality of the slot to be 100% confident in the platform’s reliability since not all the platforms can be trusted.

Some unscrupulous online casinos use fake software for an acceptable price and the possibility of independently setting up the game’s parameters. Licensed gaming software is quite expensive (an additional deposit is required), and the platforms want to regularly delight their players with the novelties of the gambling industry. Not all virtual clubs can afford frequent purchases of new slots, and fake slots are available at a price.

Other Ways to Check the Authenticity of the Slot

Some players believe that it is easy to determine a fake gambling product. A fake slot machine will differ in graphics, design, and functionality. But now scammers are copying the schedule of licensed slots to create a fake. Or use a licensed automatic machine and rewrite only the control program. Thus, it is impossible to distinguish a fake.

The most reliable way to verify a slot (the only correct one) is to check the address of the control server. The actual addresses of game software manufacturers can be found on thematic portals.