Swedish healthtech organisation Encare expands to Japan and Austria

Rasmus Waller, Chief Executive Officer at Encare

The Swedish healthtech company Encare is expanding to Japan and Austria – Encare’s solution is now implemented in more than 25 countries. Far-reaching discussions with potential customers in additional countries are ongoing. During the autumn, the Swedish HealthTech company Encare expanded into two more new markets, Japan and Austria.

What is the market reach of Encare?

Encare’s SaaS solution is in use in over 25 countries. Encare has developed a solution that helps healthcare providers follow the international ERAS® guidelines – best practice for a range of surgical procedures. Compliance with these reduces number of complications and need for intensive care, hence the hospital stays are shortened and healthcare costs lower.

“I am very pleased we are launching our SaaS solution in new markets. Few companies have managed to scale up a standard SaaS solution in healthcare globally like we have. It’s a solid proof of the power of Encare’s offering and business idea”, commented Rasmus Waller, CEO of Encare. Discussions are ongoing with potential customers in additional countries.

How are hospitals in Austria and Japan using Encare?

As the first hospital in Japan, Nagahama City Hospital in Shiga is now using Encare’s SaaS solution for colorectal surgery and is currently going through the training and implementation program. The hospital is already halfway through the ten-month implementation project.

In Austria, one of the six hospitals within the Oberösterreichiesche Gesundheitsholding (OÖG) group has begun implementing and using Encare’s software platform. The aim is to improve the surgical procedures for the pancreas and liver, thereby improving the patient’s recovery.

In both countries, the implementation phase will last well into 2023. But right from the start, they can continuously measure and follow up improvements in the form of reduced complications, faster recovery of patients and shorter hospital stays in Encare’s solution.