Enable steps up global expansion with latest Sydney-based office

Andrew Butt, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer of Enable

Enable, the collaborative rebate management platform, is pleased to announce the opening of a new office in Sydney CBD. The expansion allows Enable to build on its global presence to better serve the Australian market and support its growing team with a world class facility.

What is the market reach of Enable?

The expansion comes one year after the opening of Enable’s Toronto, ON location. The Sydney office will be the fourth location joining the Toronto, San Francisco, CA (corporate headquarters) and Stratford-upon-Avon, UK offices. Enable is on a trajectory to more than double revenue by year end and ultimately put a stake in the rebate management category.

With 400 employees, up from 100 employees two years ago and thousands of firms using Enable across North America, Europe, and Australia, the company will continue to support the need for efficient rebate management and rebuilding trust between trading partners.

The company is on a mission to enable trusted trading relationships throughout the supply chain. Enable’s platform allows companies to better manage rebate complexity and to author, agree upon, execute, and track the progress of all trading deals in one place. In today’s climate, efficient management of rebate complexity has become a major opportunity for manufacturers, distributors and retailers alike to boost sales and increase profits.

What were the executive’s thoughts on the expansion?

“We’ve been seeing a lot of interest in the region, and as we started to win more customers it made sense to expand our area of influence into the APAC region. There is tremendous growth opportunity not just in the Australian market but throughout APAC countries. This is our first step forward to address this exciting new market and supporting our growing list of customers in the region,” said Andrew Butt, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer of Enable.

“Tremendous forces are at work on the supply chain. Maintaining relationships with trading partners is more critical. Rebates are a strategic solution to keep those relationships healthy, ensuring that everyone is aligned on goals with incentives to make them happen,” said Butt.