ABC TV’s presenter Elysse Morgan to join Stafford Capital Partners in 2023

Elysse Morgan, Trustee Director at Stafford Capital Partners

Senior ABC TV finance presenter Elysse Morgan will join Stafford Capital Partners in 2023, to lead its business development agenda in Australia. Stafford Chair Brett Himbury said that he was thrilled that such a senior Australian finance figure was attracted to join the team.

What does Elysse bring to Stafford Capital Partners?

“Elysse Morgan has been interrogating businesses and business leaders in this country on ABC TV for over a decade. The fact that Elysse is attracted to building the Stafford business in Australia is a great outcome. Elysse’ role as a trustee director and her deep involvement in superannuation give rise to Elysse bringing truly a unique experience set,” Brett commented.

“Elysse will work with superannuation funds and other institutional investors, to help them realise their net zero aspirations and deliver great returns for their members. Stafford is very committed to growing the business in Australia and Elysse will be central to those efforts.”

Elysse Morgan said that while it was hard to leave journalism after 15 years, the Stafford opportunity was irresistible. “I want to be part of the solution to the climate change challenge and Stafford is one of the biggest investors in carbon reducing forestry plantations on the planet. I look forward to joining an organization with a great culture and strong track record in delivering superior returns across private equity, private debt, timber and infrastructure.”