Eltek and Delta Electronics merge in a bid to power growth in Australia

Power electronics and solution providers Eltek Australia Pty Ltd and Delta Electronics (Australia) Pty Ltd will merge on 1 April 2021 as part of their long-standing integration within Australia.

Delta Electronics is a power supply manufacturer with expertise in a vast array of power electronics designs with extensive global manufacturing and operations. Eltek is an experienced leader in power systems and has been a Delta Group brand since 2015.

What is the significance of this merger?

The merger was borne from the opportunity to support customer needs through expanding the suite of products and services, plus providing greater flexibility to design.

Delta Electronics (Australia) Pty Ltd, the merged entity, will be better placed to efficiently deliver and support power solutions tailored to Australian and New Zealand customers.

David Leal, Delta Electronics (Australia) country manager, commented, “This is an exciting time for our business and emphasises the long term investment into this market. Our business will continue to provide the high levels of service and support that our customers rely on.”

“This merger is an extension of the existing relationships but also allows Delta Electronics to deliver additional value to our loyal and growing customer base in Australia and New Zealand.”

By integrating valuable resources from both companies, the merger is mutually beneficial, unlocking potential to solidify leadership and long-term growth opportunity in the region.

Ability to support customers and provide a quality service will be nourished due to the greater scale of operations, logistics capabilities and resources globally.

Delta Electronics and Eltek are dedicated to excellence, innovation, and energy efficiency in their products and solutions. Delta Electronics understands its value in the Australian market and has made significant investments recently in its people, technology and brand.

As part of the merger, Delta Electronics (Australia) has also opened a new Sydney office as its national Headquarters, which incorporates a new showroom for customers.

The merger will not alter day-to-day operations, and staff at both Delta Australia and Eltek Australia will continue to work closely with their customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

Both businesses are looking forward to embracing the new opportunities that the merger will bring for both business and customers.


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