Elladex opens up to investors after hitting 200% growth in three months

Shivani Gopal, founder and Chief Executive Officer at Elladex

Elladex, Australia’s digital mentor marketplace for ambitious women, is excited to open up to new investors who want to add the fast-growing women’s daily learning, leadership, and mentoring platform to their portfolio. As the only super-app of its kind in Australia, Elladex boasts a community of 25,000 users and a 90% retention rate that offers ambitious women with enhanced education, networking, and mentoring opportunities all in one place.

What is the growth rate of Elladex?

The innovative approach to personal and professional development has seen the app amass 1,500 downloads within the first three weeks and grow by 200% within just three months of launching. With the microlearning industry poised to reach US$6.3 billion by 2032, the Elladex super-app uniquely satiates the hunger of an estimated 33 million women, offering bite-sized personalised learning, guided meditation, and social sharing features.

Initially known as The Remarkable Woman, the app’s ecosystem was created to better meet the needs of professional women by incorporating native-built tech personalising daily course recommendations and machine learning for a smart zero-friction user experience. In addition to offering memberships for everyday woman, Elladex works with large and medium-sized firms to help them invest in female employees and meet inclusivity goals.

Since launching in November last year, the Elladex platform has garnered memberships from some of the country’s largest companies, including Ausbil Investment Management, Latitude financial, Metcash, and Nespresso. Elladex is also home to exclusive content created by celebrity ambassadors like Jana Pittman, Catherine Fox, and Tracey Spicer, with a total of 10,000 minutes of proprietary content currently available for members.

What does the funding initiative mean for Elladex?

Shivani Gopal, founder and Chief Executive Officer, commented: “The success of Elladex within just a few short months after launch has only confirmed what our research showed: that women want professional development opportunities in the palm of their hand.”

“We harnessed the power of smart tech to fill this major gap with Australia’s first mentor marketplace and daily learning super-app. Now, we’re offering an exciting opportunity for investors to join us in leading the market ahead of expected growth in coming years.”

“Elladex is scaling fast amongst professional women because no one is doing what we’re doing. We know what ambitious women want – not just within Australia, but all over the world. Opening up Elladex for investment is just the next step in our expansion. We’re excited by the opportunity to welcome shareholders who see the success we’ve already achieved and the potential we have for limitless growth in the coming years,” said Gopal.

Elladex is open to registrations of interest via VentureCrowd, allowing investors to invest from $5,000 minimum and reap the benefits of a company that is expected to triple in value in the next three years. Learn more about  Elladex and register via VentureCrowd.