Elevate UG pushes on to be the Ugandan dream-team of branding and digital marketing solutions

Elevate UG, the Ugandan dream-team of branding and digital marketing
The Elevate UG core team

In the highly competitive branding and digital marketing space of Uganda, a steadily growing outfit called Elevate UG is making a name for itself.

Made up of a number of highly skilled creatives, Elevate UG is on a mission to “help as many organizations as possible to grow by engaging their clients better through various media platforms.”

How did it all start?

Tandeka Mutebi, the Brand and Marketing strategist recalls being fascinated by marketing from way back. But he was no stranger to the “be a lawyer, doctor or engineer” rhetoric.

“I’d been conditioned to prioritize “traditional professions”. My interest in marketing effectively put me onto the journey to learn more about branding and business communication,” Tandeka says.

He adds that it also really helped that he found like minded individuals, with whom he’d collaborate to give a voice to their already amazing work.

After working on a few marketing campaigns, Tandeka teamed up with another really talented designer. Their aim? To create a full service branding and digital solutions agency.

Who have they worked with so far?

Their first gig involved creating a brand image for a high school alumni soccer league, which brought in more work, a lot of it being from participants in the league.

They have since assisted over 50 organizations at different levels, primarily offering brand image improvement.

Their roster includes CG Consults, Airqo, TopBet, ChapChap and Amate Farm Yoghurt among others.

The team offers digital and content strategy (social media included), product and user experience (UX) design, media planning, brand identity and SEO optimization among other services.

What sets them apart?

The team regularly shares informative and educational materials about branding and marketing through their social media channels, referencing successful examples in their community.

Elevate UG is also rooted in the idea that “the real value is out there in the technical aspects of the work.”

Tandeka expands on this, saying “Almost every sign post, billboard, TV ad, and radio commercial you come across is a learning opportunity. There’s almost no need to sit down for a 3 or 4-year period in a class and be suffocated with all kinds of theories.”

What major challenges do they face?

Capturing the elegant and free-spirited nature of the team, Tandeka talks about their challenges as nothing “alien to any startup.”

“Our biggest one has been a few clients wanting to procure our services at a penny’s worth.”

He then turns to a lighter note saying “many appreciate the quality of work we offer and are willing to part with the fees we demand as an investment into their brand image.”

You can contact Elevate UG via +256 786 691 088, +256 787 982 350 or visit their website here. Catch their latest updates on Twitter and Instagram.