4 effective tactics to include in your guerilla marketing strategy to increase brand awareness

guerilla marketing strategy

If you’ve been at the helm of your online business for a while now, chances are you’ve run through all the conventional marketing tactics out there. However, your business still isn’t growing at the pace you wish. Enter guerilla marketing.

It’s at this time that you’d think of donning tattered fatigues, applying camo face paint and jumping into the trenches to attack this whole marketing thing from a different angle.

However, we aren’t talking about drawing out your AK47 and storming into the morning marketing meeting. No, far from it.

What we’re talking about involves applying similar unconventional methods in your marketing strategy. As in, promotion ideas so far out there that the professor probably skipped them in marketing 101.

And it’s this set of ideas that’s referred to as guerilla marketing.

We’re penning this article as a guide to guerilla marketing, dropping a comprehensive set of tips and tricks that you can apply to this concept. At the end of it all, we expect your store’s growth curve to point a little higher.

And so, without further ado…

What exactly is guerilla marketing?

You’ve heard of guerilla warfare, yes?

That’s the kind where the fighters don’t care much about setting up in ranks and file, marching around on command. Instead, they use unorthodox methods, popping out to cause havoc and then disappearing just as quickly.

You can apply these similar unusual tactics to your marketing strategy.

Guerilla marketing is disruptive, provocative, and memorable. It elicits an emotional reaction because of the disruptive and unconventional tactics that surprise customers or consumers.

This is an essential point because once the prospect is emotionally charged, it compels them to act. They are more likely to buy products, tell their friends or get involved with the campaign somehow.

How to use guerilla marketing for your online business

We can harp on about using unconventional methods to shock your online business into life. However, it all means nothing if you don’t know how to inject this out-of-the-box creativity into your marketing strategy.

So, here are a few ways to leverage the power of guerilla marketing to take your business over the top.

1. Put boots on the ground

Being an online business shouldn’t restrict you to the world of ones and zeros. In fact, foraying out into the real world is bound to surprise several customers and potential clients. This unexpected outing will create a buzz across the industry, lending much-needed attention to your brand.

For instance, you can set up a temporary pop-up shop when you’re launching a new product or line of products.

With the right branding, you’ll gain instant recognition from current customers. Furthermore, you’ll reel in other customers who’re interested in your brand and the products you’re offering.

Of course, you can’t do all this willy-nilly. The relevant authorities have to sign off before you can set up your temporary physical store.

Additionally, you get to build a connection with your customers. This will lead them to become long-term clients and brand advocates.

2. Stick ‘em up

One way to ensure that several people know about your brand is to ensure that they see your name or logo everywhere they look.

Now, we know this is nigh on impossible, but you can damn well try.

One way to spread your brand name is by using stickers. You can print stickers and include them in all the packages you ship. Your customers can stick them on their laptops or any other surface they want.

When people see your brand name or logo all over the place, they’ll become intrigued. This prompts them to look it up, enabling them to discover what your business is all about.

Alternatively, you can give out stickers at your pop-up events to drive brand awareness even away from the venue.

3. Fire freebies into the crowd

In a conventional marketing scheme, brands spread their message to get customers to buy products. However, in this instance, you’re inviting customers so that they can try out free samples or swag.

After all, everyone loves free stuff.

The good thing about this is that you’re more likely to get this love back in equal measure. The numbers say so.

90 percent of people who receive free stuff will remember the company that gave them freebies. Furthermore, just over 8 in 10 people will develop a positive attitude towards your brand, with a similar number going ahead to do business with the brand.

Freebies are an excellent way to lead the customer through the buying journey. This is mainly because potential customers don’t have considerable pressure to buy your product.

They’ll take the sample just because. When they have it, they don’t have any opinion. But they’ll try it just to see what it’s like.

When they finally use the sample and like it, the product leaves a positive impression.

4. Attack iconic locations and landmarks

This might sound like an undertaking that’ll require a significant cash infusion. But it doesn’t have to be. After all, not everyone has the vast Gold Toe budget to dress the Wall Street Bull in humongous white branded briefs.

However, your smaller online brand can target local sites and popular locations.

You can use these to create a splash in the community, getting everyone to talk about your brand. For instance, you can position your brand at local festivals and gatherings.

This requires more than just a poster to catch people’s attention. You need to pull out all the stops when it comes to creativity.

When you create something so in-your-face and amusing, you’ll increase your brand awareness. The stunt will make its way onto social media and local news, resulting in a viral presence.

To make all this happen, you need to have permission from the relevant authorities. Otherwise, your business might incur some costly penalties.

Marching forward

Much like the warfare of the same name, guerilla marketing is meant to be short but effective isolated courses of action. However, you shouldn’t go overboard with your activities.

Thinking out of the box doesn’t mean you should tear up the whole carton and make a mess. You should straddle the thin line between capturing your audience’s attention and scaring them off.

Some of the methods you might apply in your guerilla marketing might significantly inconvenience several people in your target area. Consequently, this will muddy your brand’s reputation.

Therefore, you should use the tips we’ve given above in moderation. In the end, your brand will spread all over your target market, boosting your conversions.

Mark B. Mugaanyi has spent the last 10 years crafting content on a variety of topics including eCommerce, health, auto, technology and startups. Away from pounding on the QWERTY, he enjoys getting engrossed in a thick tome or getting first downs on Madden. To learn more about Mark’s freelance writing services, reach out here.

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