EDF Renewables expands alliance with Tigo Energy to help maximize the performance of solar farms in Israel

Tigo Energy, Inc., a world-renown provider of intelligent solar and energy storage solutions, has announced the expansion of the Company’s existing collaboration with EDF Renewables Israel, part of EDF Group and a world-renown developer and operator of renewable energy, to help maximize the performance of solar farms in Israel using Tigo Predict+ technology.

What is the market offering of Tigo Predict+?

As part of the Tigo Energy Intelligence (EI) platform, Tigo Predict+ technology enables EDF Renewables to integrate many diverse datasets to produce highly accurate, customizable forecasting models. The tech enables critical financial functions for EDF Renewables, such as:

  • accurately forecasting and modeling energy meter data to enable energy trading decisions, including precise day-ahead and long-term forecasting of EDF Renewables Israel consumers’ consumption,
  • managing market insights about demand, renewable supply, and utility pricing in the Israeli energy market,
  • conducting high-resolution profit analyses using predicted and actual revenues from end-customers, as well as an API-level integration with billing systems for end-customer consumption data and invoicing, and
  • producing accurate, consistent, and regulation-compliant reporting data for Israeli grid operator Noga.

Tigo Predict+ provides high-fidelity visibility into the performance of solar and wind energy systems through precise predictions, market insights, profit analysis, and regulation functions. Predict+ is part of Tigo EI, a comprehensive digital platform designed to optimize solar installations’ planning, installation, commissioning, monitoring, and maintenance phases, from individual residential systems to commercial, industrial, and utility-scale solar fleets.

Tigo EI helps decrease maintenance costs, increase system performance and revenue, and improve user experience for installers and asset owners. Tigo Predict+ is the first Foresight Energy, Ltd. product released under the Tigo brand since the firm’s acquisition in early 2023.

What does the partnership mean for stakeholders?

Zvi Alon, Chief Executive Officer at Tigo Energy
Zvi Alon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Tigo Energy

Commenting on the expanded alliance, Zvi Alon, Chairman and CEO at Tigo Energy, Inc., said, “With Predict+, EDF Renewables now has the power of reliable and self-adaptable forecasting and a customizable, software-driven model to maximize the value of solar assets.”

“We look forward to continuing our work with EDF Renewables to optimize the company’s virtual supplier business and bolster its position as a leader in the energy utility space.”

“We are excited to expand our renewables and storage business by supplying electricity directly to end-consumers. Predict+ has a great industry reputation, trusted by independent power producers and virtual suppliers,” said Ayalon Vaniche, CEO of EDF Renewables Israel.

To learn more about the Tigo EI platform and Predict+ technology, please visit the website.