With cybercrime on the rapid rise, eclipse.xdr safeguards your business

Loris Minassian, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of CyberStash

If you’re operating in the global economy, you’ll be aware of reports that cybercrime is on the rise. There has been a 600% increase in cybercrime since the start of the pandemic. In most cases, attackers rarely pay attention to the size of an end-user organisation, and while targeted attacks that pay bigger dividends are on the increase, the current sophistication and proliferation of cyber-attacks mean that all companies are facing increasing levels of risk.

These disturbing facts mean that firms must remain alert to the ever-present threat of cybercrime. Business owners and IT departments need to determine effective strategies for operating securely, knowing which security controls will reduce their exposure to attacks, and how they can establish and maintain shareholder and customer trust in IT systems.

How can Aussie business owners keep threats at bay?

For Aussie business owners, this is why eclipse.xdr was created. Loris Minassian, Founder and CEO of CyberStash, who developed eclipse.xdr said, “We can no longer depend on tech alone. Sound security practice requires an independent methodology for reducing exposure, detecting, and responding to breaches, and maintaining trust in the IT environment.”

This problem cannot be ignored. In 2021, record losses were attributed to cybercrimes amounting to more than $6.9 billion, up by a whopping 64% from the $4.2bn loss of 2020.

Cyber-attacks like intellectual property theft, zero-day vulnerability exploits, ransomware, and many other sophisticated online schemes. Considering the success of these crimes, it’s obvious that the firms behind them will become more innovative, making it difficult for business owners to do battle with the accepted and, frankly, outdated security controls.

Minassian says, “The challenge facing firms is that they’re hampered by limited resources, skill shortages, an expanding attack surface, an increasing amount of data to protect and a vast number of apps to support. To make matters worse, adversaries continue to outsmart even the most well-resourced security teams, resulting in an impossible situation whereby most firms operate with a heightened level of risk and fail to grasp the threats they face.”

“They don’t have resources to run an effective security management program or manage security solutions. Firms need outcomes supported by solutions providing immediate risk reduction while optimising resources and maintaining trust in IT infrastructure.”

How ideal is CyberStash’s methodology?

It’s not just Minassian and CyberStash embracing this methodology. Experts like Deloitte agree that reviewing risks and gathering intel are the most vital elements. Tommy Viljoen, Partner of the Risk Advisory team at Deloitte, says, “Most firms put the castle walls very high, but if they’re unaware of what’s being planned against them, they can’t adjust. They can only hope that their defences are adequate for the attack. Intelligence is the key.”

This risk-based approach is what eclipse.xdr is designed to deliver. It delivers the outcomes that organisations expect from a cyber security program while avoiding complexity.

What does eclipse.xdr offer business owners?

So, what does eclipse.xdr do? As a cyber defence platform, it helps firms to operate with less exposure to cyber-attacks and reduces the likelihood of business impact by detecting breaches and containing them before it’s too late. To achieve this, eclipse.xdr independently:

  1. Reduces breach occurrence by significantly minimising business exposure to sources of threats and optimising your incident response capability.
  2. Illuminates the threat before irreversible business impact by proactively hunting for compromised systems across your entire IT environment.
  3. Establishes and maintains trust by validating post-breach clean-up to ensure all backdoors, malware and human adversaries are successfully removed from your systems.

What’s more, eclipse.xdr maintains its relevance and efficacy by progressively strengthening a company’s defences to provide an increasing level of assurance to its stakeholders. This ensures that the platform is designed to meet emerging threats where and how they arise and give businesses a stronger capacity to manage and minimise their risk.

Minassian explains how this is done. He says, “eclipse.xdr is a force multiplier. It enables your company to stave off a cyber-attack by a factor much greater than your ability without it. In other words, it gives you the protection you need against imminent cyber-attacks.”

In a world where these attacks are going to happen, organisations need to be prepared. The dangers of cyberattacks don’t just stop at the loss of personal or company information. They can also cost businesses thousands, and sometimes even millions. In the worst-case scenario, a sophisticated or highly successful attack can put an organisation out of business.

Minassian adds, “eclipse.xdr is different because we accept that we can’t possibly defend against every attack. Nobody can. That’s why eclipse.xdr is designed to detect breaches in a timely manner. It leverages an independent process for detecting breaches and protecting your firm against cyber-attacks that does not depend on prior knowledge of the threat itself.”

“That’s how we reduce the risk and likelihood of irreversible business impact, ensuring that your business can continue into the future,” Minassian concluded.