ECA establishes pilot program with GetMee to give students access to a cutting edge AI coaching product

Balendran Thavarajah, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of GetMee,

Education Services provider, ECA, has partnered with GetMee for a three-month pilot program utilising the early version of the GetMee product, the communication coaching tool.

Founder of GetMee, Balendran Thavarajah said the AI tool is useful for the education sector.

ECA set to harness GetMee’s Artificial Intelligence tool

ECA is an internationally renowned institution that offers tailored programs for international participants to help them prepare for higher education and employment opportunities.

As experts in the international student market, ECA have helped tens of thousands of students from around the world to transform their studying lives in many aspects.

English language and good communication skills are extremely essential to companies with the aim of succeeding in academic programs or when students enter into the workforce.

“The ECA pilot is a milestone for the company. The GetMee application will be downloaded onto the mobile device of the 1500 ECA students, fitting discreetly into their back pocket.”

“When they are out of the classroom and having English interactions with others, the GetMee AI tech will measure and provide real time feedback to help them improve,” Mr Thavarajah said.

GetMee’s Artificial Intelligence tool is rated highly

“Through the pilot with GetMee, we are looking to assess and introduce new and innovative ways to help our students and graduates adopt the English language with minimal difficulty.”

“The AI based language and communication development product will fit in well with our existing processes and tools,” said Luciano D’Ambrosi, ECA’s Principal Executive Officer.

“The ECA students will also interact with human coaches as well as a video collection among other content in an online library to help individuals grasp advanced concepts.”

The purpose of the pilot is to receive more detailed insights into the user experience, whether and how it could be strengthened and what features were found particularly valuable.

“An improved product from the pilot insights and lessons learned from the ECA pilot will set us up for success in the other markets,” said GetMee’s CEO, Mr. Thavarajah.

Mr. Thavarajah also anticipates that GetMee and ECA may also furtherstill move to a more commercial agreement following a successful outcome of the pilot programme.

According to Mr Thavarajah GetMee is not just a coaching solution for individuals.

“Corporate teams will enhance their communication clarity to increase productivity, increase English language proficiency, and also their overall social and emotional skills,” he said.

This month, in addition to the ECA pilot, GetMee has officially launched its crowdfunding campaign so that investors and users can become involved now and not wait any further.