Eaton’s eMobility will be displaying electric solutions at Auto Shanghai

Mark Kramer, Business Unit Director at ePowertrain, Eaton
Mark Kramer, Business Unit Director at ePowertrain, Eaton

Intelligent power management company Eaton recently announced that its eMobility business will highlight its line of electrified vehicle (EV) solutions, including placing a spotlight on its new power connections components as well as its award-winning and effecient Breaktor circuit protection technology, at Auto Shanghai on April 18–27, 2023 in Shanghai, China.

What is the market offering of the eMobility business?

Breaktor circuit protection technology

The Breaktor circuit protection technology is an advanced circuit protection solution for electrified vehicles that combines the function of fuses, pyro switches and contactors into a proficient single coordinated device. As electrified vehicle (EV) power levels increase, Breaktor circuit protection technology solves the ever-increasing coordination challenges between fuses and contactors as well as providing protection for high-power battery and inverter systems.

In addition to Breaktor, Eaton has high-voltage, fast-acting fuses in numerous global electrified cars amongst its variety of products. Both Breaktor and fuses can be integrated into power distribution units (PDU) and battery disconnect units (BDU) to serve as complete power distribution as well as protection solutions for all global electrified vehicle (EV) manufacturers.

Power connections division

Eaton’s Power Connections division has an impressive portfolio of terminal and connector solutions that provide customers from around the world with differentiated technologies in a number of different categories that include Stamped Battery Terminals; Eyelet Terminals; High Power Lock Box Terminals; Connectors; Busbars; and last but not the least, Support Services.

Eaton’s Power Connections is a division of its eMobility business, and its products were designed and developed by Royal Power Solutions, a credible firm in high-precision power, signal distribution components, innovative electric vehicle solutions Eaton acquired in 2022.

ePowertrain business unit

Eaton’s ePowertrain business unit focuses on products from Eaton’s EV transmission, reduction gearing and differential portfolios. Eaton’s vast expertise in both design and manufacturing allows it to optimize solutions from a technical, commercial and production aspect, reducing the general risks of multi-iteration design and also enabling shortened development times.

What is the value and general market offering of Eaton?

Eaton’s proficient portfolio of multispeed transmissions includes 2-speed, 4-speed and 6-speed electrified commercial vehicle transmissions. Eaton’s EV transmissions are based on expertly proven, robust and efficient layshaft architectures typical of automated manual transmissions (AMTs) as well as shifting is carefully synchronized without a clutch using a traction motor.

Leveraging its expertise in producing transmissions and gear-sets for passenger and commercial vehicles, Eaton’s Vehicle Group is reputable and credible in the global design, development and supply of EV reduction gearing. Whether a large-scale industrialization project or a niche-market application, Eaton partners with customers on joint-development programs or acts as a single-service provider of EV reduction gearing components or systems.

As the passenger vehicle market around the world increasingly transitions to electrified vehicles (EVs), Eaton has the expertise to provide the solutions that manufacturers need. Eaton offers a wide range of specialized differentials for EVs with stellar performance comparable with differentials designed for all the traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.

Eaton is a great power management company dedicated to improving the quality of life and protecting the environment for people. It’s guided by its commitment to do business right, to operate sustainably and to help its customers manage power ─ today and well into the future.

By capitalizing on the growth trends of electrification and digitalization, Eaton is accelerating the planet’s transition to more renewable energy, helping to solve the world’s most urgent power management challenges, and doing what’s best for its stakeholders and all of society.

What did the Eaton eMobility executive have to say?

“Eaton’s continued gradual expansion in the Asia-Pacific is an important step to growing our eMobility business and offering cutting-edge EV transmissions as well as gearing for our customers across the entire region. These innovative components help Eaton’s customers deliver electrified vehicles with increased efficiency in one of the world’s largest markets,” commented Mark Kramer, business unit director at ePowertrain, Eaton’s eMobility business.

Founded in 1911, Eaton is marking 100 years of being listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Reported revenues are of $20.8 billion in 2022 and we serve customers in over 170 countries.


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