Australian dining deal app first in the world to launch dedicated debit card

Pan Koutlakis, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at EatClub

EatClub, the app that enables dine-in and takeaway restaurants to generate additional revenue by offering last-minute deals of up to 50% off, has launched Australia’s first digital card for hospitality. The system, known as EatClub Pay, is free for users of the EatClub app. According to EatClub co-founder and CEO, Pan Koutlakis, EatClub Pay makes the process of redeeming an offer seamless for the client and removes operational burden for the venue.

How does the product work?

“Customers simply redeem the offer, order all the food and drink that they want and just tap the digital EatClub Pay card on the restaurant’s terminal to settle the bill. The EatClub discount offer is instantly and automatically applied for the customer,” Koutlakis commented.

“Restaurants are busy and staff training/turnover can be an issue. With EatClub Pay, venues can strategically offer deals that will be automatically processed at the time of customer payment, making life easier for customers and venue staff. The process is making things easier for customers and venues, which is an important part of EatClub’s mission.”

The system, EatClub Pay has been developed in partnership with leading financial service provider, Vault Payment Solutions using MasterCard infrastructure – so it is not only incredibly user-friendly, it also includes the highest levels of security. EatClub is already kicking huge goals across Australia. This month, the app reached 1.9 million downloads and operates in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.

What does EatClub Pay mean for the hospitality sector?

“Thousands of venues use EatClub, and we are continuing to onboard new dining options on a daily basis. Many dining venues that use EatClub experience have an increase of 400% in revenue during off-peak times. Dynamic pricing empowers restaurants to increase profitability by helping them generate additional revenue when they want it,” Koutlakis said.

“Venues can attract early clients to build atmosphere, fill cancelled bookings, or simply bring in more clients all day – it’s their choice and it’s very profitable when utilising the right strategy. Hotels and airlines have been using dynamic pricing for years. It’s now time for restaurants.”

“Tens of thousands of people use EatClub every week to claim exclusive deals and offers up to 50% off on amazing food and drinks, and these numbers are continuing to increase.”

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