Dynamic pricing platform EatClub launches new booking technology

Pan Koutlakis, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at EatClub
Pan Koutlakis, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at EatClub

Restaurant dynamic pricing platform, EatClub, has launched new booking technology to take on booking giants, Open Table and others. The new tech, an online table booking system, enables diners to book directly with a venue via Google, social media or the venue’s website.

Why is the new booking tech a game-changer?

According to EatClub co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Pan Koutlakis, there has been a move away from large aggregator websites in the industry. And as a result, venues have been frustrated with those websites hijacking Google search results and pointing customers away from the venues’ websites, then charging them a fee for related bookings.

Built on the back of restaurant feedback, the tech helps venues optimise their space through ‘intelligent’ booking allocations; automatically joining and splitting tables and assisting in staff rostering for maximum profitability. Venues using the platform receive the new software for free, as part of their existing services, saving many venues between $500-$1000 per month.

“Our product, EatClub Bookings is a game-changer for venues in Australia. It will put venues in the line of sight of diners and making it easy to book with restaurants directly via Google and allow eateries to better optimise space with intelligent table management,” Koutlakis said.

“Diners won’t need to wade knee-deep into other platforms or search aggregator sites, they can easily book via Google search, Google maps or social media in a few clicks. EatClub has rolled out some of the dining industry’s leading tech innovations in the last 12 months which are not only helping venues to improve profit margins, they are also simplifying operations.”

What does this mean for EatClub?

EatClub has become the leading hospitality app for Aussie consumers. Hundreds of thousands of people use the app every week to find great offers at many of the country’s best eateries.

“Every year, the number of venues adopting the app increases. Venues know there are economic and other intangible benefits of filling more seats at off-peak times,” Koutlakis added. Koutlakis states the dining sector will increase its reliance on dynamic pricing platforms such as EatClub in order to drive sales and grow revenue over the next 12 months.

“Consumers still want to dine out but many want to do it in a more cost-effective and diligent way. As interest rates bite, diners will increasingly look to platforms like EatClub to secure more affordable dining experiences. If venues have an intelligent dynamic pricing strategy to attract such customers, it is economically very beneficial for them,” Koutlakis further said.

EatClub is already kicking huge goals across Australia. Many venues that use EatClub are adding $10,000 in off-peak revenue every week. “Dynamic pricing enables restaurants to increase profitability by helping them generate additional revenue when they want it,” he said.

“For example, venues can attract early customers to build atmosphere, fill cancelled bookings, or simply bring in more customers throughout the day – it’s their choice and it’s very profitable when utilising the right strategy. Hotels and airlines have been using dynamic pricing for years. It’s time restaurants had the same opportunity,” Koutlakis concluded.