Easing of restrictions means there is a higher risk of COVID-19 infections

Scott Huntsman, All Cast PPE, CEO and Karen McKeown Penrith Mayor

The easing of lockdown restrictions in Australia including New South Wales, Victoria and the ACT has brought relief to Aussies who have done it tough over the winter months.

Scott Huntsman the founder and CEO of ALL CAST PPE warns that as we reintegrate into society, it is critically important not to let your guard down and get complacent.

The business manufactures quality Australian Level 3 masks for consumers and businesses including the health and medical sector, as well as a range of other devices and products.

“Being double vaccinated against the virus does indeed provide you with a level of protection however Australians need to be more vigilant than before.”

“Being vaccinated doesn’t stop you from getting COVID and nor does it stop you from getting sick and dying, it just reduces the likelihood of that happening,” Huntsman said.

Huntsman has provided his top tips on how to reduce the risk of getting COVID while out and about at shopping centers and other locations.

Wear a good quality mask

“Wear a high-quality Level 3 mask that is made in Australia. Unfortunately, some businesses are still selling masks that purport to be Australian-made, but they are not.”

“They are imported and packaged in Australia, are low quality and provide little protection.”

“Only wear the mask as per instructions and don’t reuse it. Mystery cases are called mystery cases because we can’t figure out how people contracted COVID.”

“Unfortunately poor hygiene and lax mask-wearing is often to blame.”

Keep your distance

“It can be hard to keep your distance when shopping, especially at the moment as shopping centers are crowded,” Huntsman said.

“Shop at times when there are less people around. Be vigilant with your personal space, stay away from people, and indicate to people if you feel they are encroaching on your space.”

“Stay away from places where they make little effort to keep people at a safe distance.”

Be aware of ventilation

“Poor ventilation is a contributing factor to the spread of COVID,” Huntsman explained.

“COVID moves through the air in droplets inhaled by someone not wearing a mask. Retail venues are required to have sufficient ventilation to ensure clean air is pumped into areas.”

“Fans should not be pushing air into faces, nor should air conditioning units be set for recirculation. If you have any concerns regarding the quality of the air, leave the space.”

Avoid high touchpoints

“High touchpoints are areas that people are likely to touch such as railings, lift buttons, shopping trolleys, door handles, countertops, bathroom taps, cashier equipment.”

“Avoid touching any of these things unless you absolutely have to and ensure you sanitize your hands immediately before and after coming into contact with them.”

“Retail and other environments are supposed to be wiping down high touch points every 30 minutes as per COVID guidelines. I have been to venues where this is not happening.”

“If you see unsafe practices happening, report them.”

Sanitise often and things around you

“Even if you haven’t touched anything, sanitize often anyway,” Huntsman said.

“You’d be surprised how easy it is to touch something without even thinking about it – a dress hanger at the store, a price tag at the supermarket, a menu at a café.”

“Bring a travel-sized hand sanitizer with you at all times. You can also buy small-sized bottles of sanitizers for hard surfaces in the form of sprays or wipes.”

“If you go to a café or a restaurant, wipe down the table surfaces and even the menu.”

“If you are shopping using your credit card, hold your card just above tap and go to the payment machine so you don’t touch it with your card.  If you do, wipe down your card.”

It is understandable that people are keen to get back to normal. As the days go by, and more and more restrictions are lifted, we get more and more of our sense of selves back.

We can look forward to meeting our loved ones whom we have not seen for a long time.

“It’s natural to crave human connection. But we should also be mindful to do it in a safe and responsible way. Wearing a mask should continue to be a staple as we move forward.”

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