Earlypay industry training program attracts record number of applicants

Donelle Brooks, National Partnerships Manager at Earlypay

The launch of Earlypay’s Business Finance and Lending Training and Development Scholarship Program has attracted significant interest from finance professionals across the country prompting Earlypay to announce an increase in course participation numbers.

The Earlypay program involves intensive 11-week business finance and lending course that is delivered online three times per year. Flexible in its delivery, the course structure allows professionals to continue their full-time role while undertaking the program. Initially committing to fund 20 participants per course, Earlypay has increased this number to 80 (two cohorts of 40) in response to strong interest. The cost to Earlypay is $6500 per head. 

What are the merits of taking the program?

Developed in collaboration with, Accendo Financial, the Earlypay course has been built using the ELMO Learning Management system and consists of 13 modules designed to equip finance professionals with the knowledge to identify, structure, and implement game-changing finance solutions. “We are absolutely thrilled with the response to our Earlypay Scholarship Program,” Earlypay, National Partnerships Manager, Donelle Brooks said.

Industry knowledge and qualifications

“The volume of interest shows the level of need for the course. You can’t give tax advice to a business without a qualification, so why should you be able to provide lending solutions to a business without the appropriate knowledge and qualifications? Our course addresses this.”

“It is a game-changer for our industry. Not only does it provide critical hands-on practical training and learning with the mentor support of highly experienced industry experts, it also contributes to continuing professional development (CPD) with key industry bodies.”

“We are pleased to see that women make up half of our participants. The finance sector has the highest gender pay gap. It is currently sitting at 27.5%, with women only holding 28.7% of senior management roles. Hopefully our course helps to address some of this disparity.”

New finance solutions

According to Brooks, Invoice Finance is one of the most untapped products in the market and actually accelerates the cash that a business has already earned. We want to support professionals who want to be part of the new breed of commercial finance specialists, which means understanding all types of business finance solutions.“Each module has been carefully developed to provide key learnings and skill development,” Brooks further commented.

“They are interactive, include great case studies and also enable ongoing assessment of learner performance through activities, decision points and quizzes. It is an excellent course that meets the very unique finance and lending needs of the sector. It’s a huge opportunity for anyone who wants to position themselves as an industry-leading commercial broker.”

“Providing finance solutions to the business sector involves more than just lending money, it requires an in-depth understanding of a business’ financial situation, the assets available across the enterprise and the operating nature of the organisation,” Brooks added.

“In working through these elements, an experienced and knowledgeable finance professional can then determine the cash flow requirements of the business and how these can be addressed. Different types of finance solutions can be used depending on all of these factors.”

“Understanding where and how finance can be used to support a business to improve cash flow and fund growth and investment activities can often mean the difference between a business being able to survive and thrive, or dwindling and failing,” Brooks further added.

Flexible scheduling and interactive presentation

The Earlypay Scholarship Program is delivered online in a flexible manner by Earlypay and Accendo. Participants also receive intensive mentoring and support as part of their involvement in the course. John Sgambelluri, Partner of Accendo Financial, believes the Earlypay scholarship program is the most impactful course available in the market.

“The materials, information and templates provided are fantastic however it is the way the workshops are taught that makes it different. We break down complex terms, provide insights and draw on a wealth of experience to ensure participants walk away with practical knowledge and capabilities across every industry, from agriculture to franchising,” he said.

“There are over two million small and medium-size businesses (SME) and experience within the finance sector has been lost in recent times which has left the SME market under-serviced. The opportunity presents for finance professionals to take this course knowledge into SMEs and help them grow their business. By covering more products and client types we can assist more businesses during both buoyant and challenging economic conditions.”

How instrumental is the program for professionals?

Earlypay will deliver 10 of the 13 modules and Accendo will deliver 3. The course will equate to over 50% of the CPD requirement for professionals, from the three main industry bodies – the Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA), the Commercial and Asset Finance Brokers Association (CAFBA) and the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA).

“The launch of Earlypay’s Training Scholarship Program shows our commitment to the industry and desire to see the business finance sector evolve to continually. We will fund participation of industry professionals in the course every year at our cost. Members of our team will support the delivery of the course and provide ongoing support to participants during the course and once they complete it – as part of the Earlypay alumni,” Brooks added.

Earlypay has filled 80 positions for the first two cohorts and has a large number of applicants for Cohort 3 who will complete the 4 modules in 2022, and then pick up in February 2023.

What are the Program Course Dates for 2022?

Cohort 1, 2022

Expressions of interest:  6 June – 29 June 2022

Course participants announced:  15 July 2022

Course timeframe:   25 July – 7 October 2022

Cohort 2, 2022

Expressions of interest:  6 June – 29 June 2022

Course participants announced:  15 July 2022

Course timeframe:   23 August – 18 October 2022