DV powers media quality across CTV beacons in Aussie and New Zealand

Imran Masood, Country Manager of ANZ at DoubleVerify
Imran Masood, Country Manager ANZ at DoubleVerify

DoubleVerify, a leading software platform for digital media metrics, data and analytics, today announced it is the first to partner with major broadcasters in Australia and New Zealand.

DV offers the broadcasters quality measurement of their CTV advertising inventory. 

After successfully installing and testing DV’s Video OmniTag, Foxtel, Television New Zealand and several other major broadcasters can now provide advertisers with access to DV’s suite.

The subscribed partners can enjoy an array of advantages such as quality measurement solutions, improving transparency and accountability of their client’s CTV investments. 

What the major broadcasters have to say

Chris Oxley, National Head of Digital Sales, Foxtel Media had the following insights.

“We have worked closely with DoubleVerify to deploy the DV Video Omnitag on the Foxtel platform because we believe that advertisers want to access high-quality CTV ad inventory.”

“CTV is booming as audiences in Australia and New Zealand continue to swiftly move between linear to appointment TV to streaming platforms and the ability to measure media performance in the on-demand streaming world is critical for marketers”. 

Authenticating and protecting the CTV environment has long been an industry goal.

The DV Video OmniTag enables advertisers to measure and report on fraud, brand suitability and metrics such as fully on-screen and quartile completion within the CTV environment.

These are key metrics advertisers look for when gauging the efficacy of their campaigns. 

Advertisers to gain transparency and metrics support

Based on DV data, within the video advertising market, CTV was the fastest-growing device in Australia in 2020 and verified impressions more than quadrupled compared with 2019.

Since 2021, a fifth of all verified video ads in Australia has been delivered to a CTV device. 

DoubleVerify’s technology will equip media buyers with the most effective tools that enable better transparency and accurate CTV advertising measurement data to reach audiences. 

Imran Masood, Country Manager, ANZ, DoubleVerify made the following insights.

“We can now look at the real impact that an ad is having and enable advertisers to get true insight into brand advertising on CTV platforms thus effectively reaching the target audience.”

“Our mission is to provide the best ad analytics and digital media measurement in the market, whether it be CTV, desktop, social, mobile app, and video, and the acceptance of DV Video OmniTag with leading TV networks in Australia and New Zealand is part of that plan.”

“One of our major goals is to provide accurate real-time measurement for advertisers and media owners and create a trusted marketplace for advertisers to invest.”

DoubleVerify’s technology enables broadcasters to provide advertisers with an authenticated, high-quality CTV environment for streaming media ad buys.