Deutsche Telekom IoT taps Intelsat’s solution to bolster its cloud offering

Intelsat, operator of one of the largest integrated satellite and terrestrial networks and provider of inflight connectivity, announced that Deutsche Telekom IoT (DT IoT) intends to integrate Intelsat FlexEnterprise into its cloud-based IoT offering to extend powerful, easy-to-use IoT solutions to locations regardless of the availability of fiber or cellular connectivity.

What is the product offering of Intelsat FlexEnterprise?

IoT services are increasingly used across a diverse array of businesses – collecting data from thousands of devices to analyze that data in a way that helps organizations increase system efficiency, reduce waste, monitor delicate environments, and provide new insights into processes and operations. By using FlexEnterprise to complement cellular connectivity, DT can extend the reach and effectiveness of its solution and drive better results for its clients.

FlexEnterprise is a ready-to-deploy, enterprise-grade connectivity service integrating satellite and terrestrial networks to extend internet, cloud, and private networks. The FlexEnterprise infrastructure is managed by Intelsat, eliminating the need for customers to maintain their own satellite infrastructure and expertise. Intelsat will deliver FlexEnterprise to DT as a satellite-as-a-service offering, further reducing the time and cost of operating new services.

The Intelsat FlexEnterprise satellite platform allows mobile network operators to offer services similar to terrestrial networks regardless of geographic location. For example, industrial IoT clients can connect devices in hard-to-reach places, like to control mountain-top or offshore wind turbines or assess flood risks by monitoring water levels in remote areas.

What does the partnership mean for Intelsat and DT IoT?

Dennis Nikles, CEO of Deutsche Telekom IoT GmbH

“By integrating satellite connectivity into our DT IoT offering, we connect everything everywhere and reshape the future of IoT networking. Our clients now have a single point of contact and a ‘network of networks’ with simple and ubiquitous connectivity that enables completely new possibilities,” said Dennis Nikles, CEO of Deutsche Telekom IoT GmbH.

Commenting on the partnership, Brian Jakins, Intelsat Networks General Manager, said, “Satellite connectivity allows IoT to connect physical objects and devices from anywhere to the virtual world to enhance real-time data collection, analysis and decision making.”

“With FlexEnterprise, DT expands the value of its IoT offering, especially for widely distributed applications like renewable energy infrastructure and green IoT environmental monitoring.”